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Examples of meteorological services include, but are not limited to, surface weather observations, mission execution forecasts, missionwatch, weather briefings, severe weather processes. The SP shall perform to the standards of this contract. I2 Hours of Operation. The SP shall provide weather services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I3 SP Personnel. The SP shall submit to the CO the of ficial resumes of all prospective meteorological technician personnel, toinclude the weather services supervisor, prior to making any final commitment of employment.

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Here are a few of our recent installations:. Your airport is unique. We supply aviation grade sensors to meet the accuracy and reliability needs of airports. Our AWOS systems support the following sensors by default and additional types of sensors can be added if needed. AWA can provide up-to-the-minute data to ATC, observers, airport management, maintainers, and the wider community without installing specialized workstations.

AWOS systems may have similar sensors, but every installation has unique challenges and requirements. We respond quickly changing requirements. Software changes take days, not months. Here are some examples of challenges Mesotech will help you overcome:. Count on Mesotech to deliver a cost effective and reliable solution.

Aviation leaves no room for mistake. Contact us for more information. By using the intuitive menu, you can configure your settings and be up and running in just a few minutes. Our engineers will help you design, build, and install a cost-effective solution for any application with unparalleled expertise and customer service.

Get the portable weather station you need by choosing from our available options:. Contact us now for a quote! But if your work depends on the environmental conditions, you need to be certain. Mesotech designs systems for fixed application as well as portable units.

The portable system is lightweight, requires no tools for assembly, and deploys instantly. Mesotech uses high-quality sensors capable of measuring any meteorological, hydrological or environmental parameter. For product details or questions, please contact us. Our stands are designed for temporary or permanent applications. If applicable, we also provide earth grounding and lightning rod kits, obstruction lighting, and civil works materials, as well as anchoring stakes for the aluminum tripod.

We offer several options for acquiring data in the form of powerful, compact data acquisition and control devices. Each unit comes with sensor interfaces, embedded software, menu-driven customization options, communications means, and a rugged weather-proof enclosure. Additionally, we complement this software with a robust web app.

Looking for something specific? Custom-built systems are what we do best. If you have a remote location and need a clever communications method or source of power, we can handle that. In aviation, knowing the ceiling or vertical visibility is important. The professional cloud height sensor is designed to provide accurate cloud and obscuration information from fixed or mobile installations.

The ceilometer is a standalone instrument that you can easily carry in one hand. A digital readout on the ceilometer enclosure provides cloud base and operating status information. In addition to being portable and accurate, the ceilometer is durable with a demonstrated mean-time-between-failures of over , hours and laser life of 10 years.

It has just three subassemblies that allow for field replacement without having to align or recalibrate. The ceilometer has been tested to IEC environmental standards for vibration, shock, impulse voltages, transients, operating temperature, and EMI susceptibility and emissions. The professional ceilometer has several customizable options, from stands for fixed installations to blowers to keep the lens clean in snow conditions.

If you are authorized to divert water from a natural source in California, you may be required by law to measure and report the diversion to the government. In response to SB, Mesotech developed a data logger specifically to satisfy this law. The SB Water Diversion Data Logger comes pre-configured to meet all mandatory water diversion measurement requirements and is purposely designed for non-technical users to install and use.

Installation is as simple as plugging in a power source and connecting a flow meter to the data logger. Designed to specifically sense the electromagnetic signature from lightning strikes while filtering out other electrical noise, the Lightning and Thunderstorm Sensor may be used standalone or as part of a system.

The Lightning and Thunderstorm Sensor from Mesotech is essential for aviation and storm warning applications. For more information, a complete list of specifications, or if you have any questions, please contact us. Our customers know that we smoothly adapt to changing requirements.

You deal with an experienced engineer, not a salesperson. From quote to installation, you need accurate technical guidance.

Our engineers ensure you get the right solution from the very beginning. The engineers who designed your system will work with you directly to answer your questions and get problems solved quickly. Sensors We supply aviation grade sensors to meet the accuracy and reliability needs of airports.

Every Airport is Unique AWOS systems may have similar sensors, but every installation has unique challenges and requirements. Reputable and time-tested Aviation leaves no room for mistake. No instruction programming required — ever! One touch data offload — One button press offloads your data to a flash drive — no computer connection necessary. Scalability — Build a station with one to thirty sensors, or more with intelligent devices that use the 10 available serial digital and SDI ports.

Connect an unlimited number of stations into a data collection network. Configurability — Intuitive menu-driven software with a broad range of options for configurations, communications, and applications. Network capability — Connect Weather Pro to your local and wide area networks using the integrated WiFi and Ethernet ports, or the optional IP cellular modem.

Sensors: Mesotech uses high-quality sensors capable of measuring any meteorological, hydrological or environmental parameter. Towers: Our stands are designed for temporary or permanent applications. Customizable to suit your needs Looking for something specific?


Surface Weather Observations (AFMAN 15-111)



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Surface aviation observations (SAO) US Code : weather


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