This subtle book contains spiritual lessons for all the common and special seekers of Allah whether they are at initial, middle or final level. It invites every Muslim towards the closeness, vision and union of Allah, hence achieve the main objective of life and religion. Sultan Bahoo beautifully uses verses of Quran, Hadiths and sayings of other Saints to endorse his words, which makes the seekers of Truth, believe and follow his sayings spontaneously. The marvel of this miraculous book is that is spiritually elevates its readers just by reading it with faith and true devotion. Sultan Bahoo also suggests the keys to this treasure and honour i. It is ensured that whoever reads this book with true intention to find the Reality, will surely be blessed with the accomplishment of his objective.

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Orung Shahi also spelled Aurang Shahi, aurang shaahi. Muhakumul Faqara also spelled Muhkumul Faqara, muhqam ul fuqar. Anul Arfien also spelled Ain ul Arifeen. Jamiaul Asrar also spelled Jamey ul Asraar, Jami al-asrar, jamiul asraar. Amerul konan also spelled Emir ul Konain, Ameer-ul-Konain. He is from the progeny of Hazrat Ali Alihi Isalm. His translations are considered the most authentic in all translations in Urdu available to date. He translated 27 books from Persian to Urdu.

He was also Chairman of the Homeopathic Union of Pakistan. His greatest contribution in Service of Hazrat Sultan Bahu Rahmatullah is not only being Translator but also that he worked a lot with his team in collecting, reviewing and editing all available Persian Manuscripts from all over Pakistan and giving the most authentic ones the shape of book and then printing and distributing them free of cost. He travelled extensively and worked day and night and dedicated his life for this great cause for which we are all grateful to him and his team.

Buy HazratSultanBahu. Ain ul Faqr. Hazrat sultan bahu books in Ain ul Faqr Urdu with Persian sultan bahu says The complete description of the Nukaat e Wahdat has been fully described in this book. Be informed that: this book has been titled Ain ul Faqar so that it may give tremendous profit to, each and all, the Seekers of God and the Fanaa-Fi-Allah Destroyed in Allah Faqeers - the beginners, of mid level and of the Utmost and it may keep then firm on the Tareeq of the Beaten Path Straight Path and they may get the Ilm ul Yaqeen, Ain ul Yaqeen and Haq ul Yaqeen and that it may grant them the right of their Share of Affinity and Attachment.

May Allah bless him the best! Ain ul Faqr hazrat sultan bahoo HazratSultanBahu.


Sultan Bahoo Books



Ain-ul-Faqr ( Urdu Translation with Persian Text)




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