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Ecological perspective in plant production. In: Principles of ecology in plant production. CAB International. Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul.

Produtividade animal em pastagens de Setaria sphacelata cv. Kazungula em Porto Velho, RO. Ambito Estadual de Porto Velho, 7p. Comparisons of herbage production under continuous stocking and intermittent grazeing. Grass and Forage Science Comparison of Marshall and Surrey ryegrass for continuous and rotational grazing.

The frequency and severity of individual tillers in set-stocked swards. Liveweight gain from rotationally and continuously grazed pastures of Narok setaria and Samford rhodesgrass fertilized with nitrogen in southeast Queensland.

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Consumption and efficiency of herbage utilisation. An equation for ghe rate of respiration of white clover plants grown under controlled conditions.

Production and Measurement of Photosynthetic productivity. Grazing management. In: 8th Int. Reading, England. Animal production and dynamics of pangolagrass and white clover pasture as influenced by grazing pressure. XVII Intl. New Zealand e Australia Session Pastagens nos Ecossistemas de Clima subtropical. The pattern of grazing in continuously grazed swards. MOTT G. Grazing pressure and the measurement of pasture production.

England, MOTT, G. Potential productivity of temperate and tropical grassland systems. Bioclimatologia Vegetal. Ceres, SP. Measurement of grazing behavior and herbage intake on two different grazing management systems for beef production.

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The physiology of grass production under grazing. Characteristics of leaf and canopy photosynthesis of continously grazed swards. Photosynthesis, crop growth and animal intake of continously grazed swards.

The effect of the duration of regrowth on photosynthesis, leaf death and the average rate of growth in a rotationally grazed sward. Seasonal changes in the physiology of S24 perennial ryegrass. Potential leaf extension to temperature during the transition from vegetative toreproductive growth.

Annals of Botany POPP, J. Grazing system and stocking rate effects on the productivity, botanical composition and soil surface characteristics of alfalfa-grass pastures. Canadian J. Interaction between external and internal conditions in the development of photosynthetic features in a grass leaf. Regional responses along a leaf during and after low-light or high-light acclimation. Reversebility of light-induced responses as a function of developmental stages. The grass plant - its form and function.

Efeito de sistemas de manejo sobre a flora de uma pastagem.


Apostila Forrageiras

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Structure of signal grass pasture with height variation. This study was carried out aiming to evaluate the structural characteristics of Brachiaria decumbens cv. Basilisk pasture. Four heights of plants 10, 20, 30 and 40 cm were evaluated within the same grazing area in a randomized block experimental design with two repetitions. Variation in the initial height of the signal grass pasture plant showed a linear and a negative response. The masses of green leaf blade mass, live stem, dead material, live forage and total forage linearly increased with heights of the plants on the pasture.

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