Page Count: Unpacking and levelling, 2. Electric and water connections, The first wash cycle, 3.

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Page Count: Unpacking and levelling, 2. Electric and water connections, The first wash cycle, 3. T echnical details, 3. W asher -dryer description, Control panel, 4. Briefly: how to start a programme, 6. Programme table, 6. Setting the temperature, 7. Set the drying cycle, 7. Detergents and laundry , 8. Detergent dispenser , 8. Preparing your laundry , 8. Special items, 8. Woolmark Platinum Care, 8.

Precautions and advice, 9. General safety , 9. Saving energy and respecting the environment, 9. Care and maintenance, Cutting off the water or electricity supply , Cleaning your appliance, Cleaning the detergent dispenser , Caring for your appliance door and drum, Cleaning the pump, Checking the water inlet hose, T r oubleshooting, Before calling for Assistance, Instructions for use.

Should the appliance be sold,. Unpack the W asher -dryer. Check whether the W asher-dryer has been. If this is the case, do not. Remove the four. Seal the gaps using the plastic plugs provided. Use the plug provided to seal the three holes. Keep all the parts: you will need them again if the.

W asher -dryer needs to be moved to another. Install the Washer -dryer on a flat sturdy floor ,. If the floor is not. Levelling your appliance correctly will provide it with. If it is placed on a fitted or loose. Electric and water connections. Connecting the water inlet hose. Connect the supply. The water supply marked. C must be connected to the cold water tap; the pipe. Both pipes may be connected to the cold water tap.

Before making the connection, allow the water to run. Connect the other end. Make sure there are no kinks or bends in the hose. Connecting the drain hose. Connect the drain hose,. The free end of.

Before plugging the appliance into the mains socket,. If this is not the case, replace the. The company denies all liability if and when. Once the appliance has been installed, and before. Model AM L Dim e nsi o ns. Spi n speed up to rp m.

Contr o l. Wa sh : pro gr amme 3; t emperatu re. Th is appli ance is complian t wi th t h e. Direc t ives:. Electr omagnet ic Compatibi lit y an d. W asher -dryer description. Detergent dispenser. Detergent dispenser: to add detergent and fabric. Programme key: to consult a straightforward. LEDS: to find out which wash cycle phase is under. If the Delay Timer function has been set, the time. The button corresponding to the function. W asher -dryer is on and if the appliance door can be.

The retractable control knob: press. The knob. If this LED is on, the appliance door is locked to prevent it from being opened accidentally; to avoid any damages,. Call for T echnical Assistance. Cycle phase under way:. During the wash cycle, the LEDs gradually illuminate. Spin cycle. When a function is selected, the corresponding.

If the function selected is incompatible with the. If you set a function that is incompatible with. The LEDS provide important information. This is what they can tell you:.

If the Delay Timer function has been enabled see. As time passes, the remaining delay will be. Once the set delay is complete, the flashing LED will. Co tto ns. Sligh tly so iled whit es and de lica te. F ast colou rs all t ype s o f s ligh tly. Delic ate spin cy cle Drainin g an d delica t e spin cyc le. Dr a ining D rai ning. Starting and Pr ogrammes. For the anti-crease function, please see page 8. The information contained in the table is purely indicative.

Daily wash 30' programme 8 for Synthetics is designed to wash lightly soiled garments in a short amount of time: it. We recommend the use of liquid detergent.

FM 55-450-2 PDF

Ariston AML 125 Instructions For Use Manual

Manual zz. Should the appliance be sold, transferred or moved, make sure the instruction manual accompanies the Washer-dryer to inform the new owner as to its operation and features. Read these instructions carefully: they contain vital information on installation, use and safety. Unpacking and levelling Unpacking 1. Unpack the Washer-dryer.


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