Barron GRE word list - A. Dwell; abide by: com ply with; put up with; tolerate; Ex. The play is an adaption of. The teacher lacked.

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Fortunately for all you aspiring GRE test-takers, there are hundreds of GRE word lists floating around, filled with the GRE vocabulary words that tend to appear over and over again in official tests. Unfortunately, most of these lists are of quality that is…wanting a GRE word that means lacking. To help you navigate the extensive world of GRE vocabulary lists, this post goes over how to best approach GRE vocabulary preparation, and reviews some of the best GRE word lists out there.

We even share the top 20 most tested GRE words—get ready for a quiz! GRE vocabulary words are tested—surprise! There are three types of questions in the Verbal section , all multiple choice:. The key to memorizing new vocabulary—well, anything really—is to take an active, rather than passive, approach. Do not simply read through a word list of unknown words. Well, our brains learn from being challenged. But remembering the definition is much more of a struggle.

So here are a few tips to help you most effectively memorize new GRE vocabulary :. Check out the list below and try to memorize all the definitions before taking the corresponding quiz! Erin was ambivalent about her freshman year in college; her classes were fascinating but she missed her high school friends. Auspicious adj. Two starting pitchers snapped their elbows mid-season, clearly an inauspicious sign.

Belligerent adj. After a few drinks Stevie was convivial; after two six-packs he became belligerent, challenging anyone around him to a head-butting contest. Capricious adj. Test yourself: Click here to try a question using capricious. Corroborate v.

Enervate v. Sitting in the windowless room, the tropical humidity soaking through the walls, I was enervated before noon. Ephemeral adj. Test yourself: Click here to try a question using ephemeral from our GRE product. Erudite adj. Test yourself: Click here to try a practice question using erudite from our GRE product. Many jazz artists once deemed esoteric have emerged due to the greater access users have to avant-garde music on-line.

Test yourself: Click here to try a practice question using esoteric. Extant adj. Few documents antedating the advent of papyrus are extant today. Fastidious adj. A fastidious eater, Herman would only eat the center of anything he touched. As a result, his plate was strewn with the remnants of his dinner, an eyesore for the hapless dinner guest. Inculpate v. Loquacious adj. Magnanimous adj. Upon receiving his first Wall Street paycheck, Jerry was so magnanimous he not only bought his Mom a car, he bought his Dad one too.

Mercurial adj. Animated, sprightly. Pragmatic adj. Edna never cared for abstract thinking and preferred the pragmatic world of business, in which every action, ideally, has an intended consequence. Test yourself: Click here to try a practice question using pragmatic. Prolific adj. Irving Berlin had one of the most prolific careers in song-writing history; dozens of his hundreds of tunes are familiar to us. Paul was reticent and preferred observing others mannerisms.

Sanguine adj. A Yale graduate with a 4. Soporific adj. Please select the best answer for each question and press "submit" at the end to get an e-mail of your results. Your email address:. To help you with this aim, we have rounded up the best GRE word lists out there along with the worst, so that you know what to avoid. As mentioned before, reading through lists of hundreds of vocabulary words and expecting to magically memorize them in one sitting is a huge no-no.

To make the most of these lists, you have to make them fun and dynamic. Lucky for you, the internet has got your back, replete with free websites and apps that offer hundreds of vocab lists in the form of quizzes, flashcards, vocab-to-definition matching games, and more. In fact, every one of the following word lists has been gamified on Quizlet.

A great resource to help you do so is wordnik. Wordnik will not only define any word for you, but it will also link to blogs and articles where the word appears.

There are 20 decks of about 50 words each, sorted into categories of common, basic, or advanced. As you come across a word, think of the definition before looking at it; once you verify whether or not you know the meaning of the word, you can mark the card accordingly and the app will keep track of your progress.

Like our flashcards, our Vocabulary Builder organizes words by level of difficulty and tracks the words you need to review the most. This allows you to truly customize your GRE vocab memorization, saving you valuable time and making sure you truly remember what you have studied. Plus, all of these words are tested in our vocab apps. In this post about learning GRE vocabulary by reading certain publications , I talk about The Economist as one of these publications that tend to be rich with GRE vocab.

While the list itself is free, note that you would need to get a free account to read five articles a month or a paid account for unlimited access.

All the words found on these lists are high-frequency GRE words:. If you happen to come across these old lists by Barron, toss them aside. Hundreds of words are crammed on one page, definitions are vague, and words are not adequately shown in context. Like anything Nova releases for verbal, avoid it. This list really is a travesty to GRE word lists. Words are vaguely—and often mistakenly—defined. Avoid these lists at all costs.

Just remember to make your memorization a dynamic and fun exercise. Ready to improve your GRE score? Get started today. I think you can help me out. As a newbie, where should I start memorizing vocabulary? Please guide me how I can improve in vocabulary sphere. Thanks for reaching out to Magoosh!

The GRE tests how vocabulary functions in context, not specific memorized definitions of words. Our flashcards are a good place to start to familiarize yourself with common GRE vocabulary. If you steadily work through a words a day, you will quickly build your vocabulary! I am looking for some material that it could be helpful for me to study. Here is a sample of the test. Would you help me out after reading the mock exam and tell me which vocabulary package could be the best fit for me? In general, we recommend that student start with official materials, and it sounds like you have already done so.

I recommend talking to people who are already working at interpreters to see if they have any study advice. Best of luck on your test! I browsed through the website, there are a number of word lists by the same name. Can you tell me which one are you referring to? Just keep in mind that these are all user-created, so you should find one that looks well made! Thanks for your help!

Just a general question. This is my first comment on any of your blogs.. I did not get any notification on my email after your reply. Just wanted to know is that the case? Am I not suppose to get a notification after you reply to my comment? Yes, it should give you an email notification. Hi, Chris! We actually recommend that you forget about word lists altogether!


Barron GRE word list - A - - Word Power

All are free! Thank you for using the timer! We noticed you are actually not timing your practice. There are many benefits to timing your practice , including:.

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Barron vocab list

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