Bomb reduction of uranium tetrafluoride. Part II: Influence of the addition elements in the reduction process; Reduccion del tetrafluoruro de uranio en bomba cerrada. Parte II: Influencia de elementos de adicion en la reducion. This work shows the influence of uranium oxide and uranyl fluoride in the reduction of uranium with Ca and Mg. These additions are more harmful when using smaller bombs. The uranyl fluoride has influence in the reduction process; the curves yield-concentration shows two regions depending upon the salt concentration.

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Bomb reduction of uranium tetrafluoride. Part II: Influence of the addition elements in the reduction process; Reduccion del tetrafluoruro de uranio en bomba cerrada. Parte II: Influencia de elementos de adicion en la reducion.

This work shows the influence of uranium oxide and uranyl fluoride in the reduction of uranium with Ca and Mg. These additions are more harmful when using smaller bombs. The uranyl fluoride has influence in the reduction process; the curves yield-concentration shows two regions depending upon the salt concentration.

The behaviour of this addition in these regions can be explained following the different decompositions that can take place during the reduction process. Author 9 refs. Uranium tetrafluoride reduction closed bomb. Part I: Reduction process general conditions; Reduccion del tetrafluoruro de uranio en bomba cerrada.

Part I. General conditions about the metallo thermic reduction in small bombs and gr. Factors such as kind and granulometry of the magnesium used, magnesium excess and preheating temperature, which affect yields and metal quality have been considered. All tests have been made with graphite linings. Author 18 refs. Contraste sucesivo negativo consumatorio en un programa de economia cerrada. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden.

Mar 28, Beti picks up as a subject for his satire in The Poor Christ of Bomba. Subsurface architecture of Las Bombas volcano circular structure Southern Mendoza, Argentina from geophysical studies.

The Plio-Pleistocene Llancanelo volcanic field is located in the south-eastern region of the province of Mendoza, Argentina. This wide back-arc lava plateau, with hundreds of monogenetic pyroclastic cones, covers a large area behind the active Andean volcanic arc. Here we focus on the northern Llancanelo volcanic field, particularly in Las Bombas volcano. Las Bombas volcano is an eroded, but still recognizable, scoria cone located in a circular depression surrounded by a basaltic lava flow, suggesting that Las Bombas volcano was there when the lava flow field formed and, therefore, the lava flow engulfed it completely.

While this explanation seems reasonable, the common presence of similar landforms in this part of the field justifies the need to establish correctly the stratigraphic relationship between lava flow fields and these circular depressions. The main purpose of this research is to investigate Las Bombas volcano 3D subsurface architecture by means of geophysical methods.

We carried out a paleomagnetic study and detailed topographic, magnetic and gravimetric land surveys. Magnetic anomalies of normal and reverse polarity and paleomagnetic results point to the occurrence of two different volcanic episodes. A circular low Bouguer anomaly was detected beneath Las Bombas scoria cone indicating the existence of a mass deficit. A 3D forward gravity model was constructed, which suggests that the mass deficit would be related to the presence of fracture zones below Las Bombas volcano cone, due to sudden degassing of younger magma beneath it, or to a single phreatomagmatic explosion.

Our results provide new and detailed information about Las Bombas volcano subsurface architecture. Resistencia bacteriana a los antimicrobianos ocasionada por bombas de eflujo. La resistencia a los antimicrobianos representa un severo problema a nivel mundial.

Se han descripto variados mecanismos de resistencia, entre los cuales se encuentran las bombas de eflujo. Cerrando espacios, abriendo brechas. The central thesis is that gated communities to changes in urbanity by introducing socio-spatial transformations evident in the materiality of gated communities, the functions of these communities and the type of social relations that its residents have with one another and with their immediate environment.

The aims of this study are: to define and analyze marketing mix implemented in bomba batik industry in Palu city, to define and analyze the government political will on bomba batik industry in Palu City, and explore constraints and supporting factors on the implementation of marketing mix by batik bomba entrepreneurs and political will of the local government.

The result of this research shows that: 1 marketing mix strategy that include product, price, place, and promotion, has been known an Estrategias educativas de las clases medias en urbanizaciones cerradas del Gran Buenos Aires. Correlative landscape, cinema and gated communities Paisaje correlativo, cine y urbanizaciones cerradas. Full Text Available Gated communities are an idealized housing model that has spread throughout the contemporary capitalist city.

They have been analyzed by social scientist and through artistic representations. Apparently these are two different ways of studying reality, two approaches and two languages.

However, they both criticize the residential model and show the contradictions that arise under an image of status, comfort, safety and community harmony. This article analyzes the phenomenon of gated communities according to film narrative. Semionarrative structure and landscape correlative are identified with the idea that they support the critical argument of this urban structure.

Aparentemente se trata de dos formas diversas de abordar la realidad, dos enfoques y dos lenguajes. Diagnosis of feed water, condensate and circulation pumps in electric power plants; Diagnostico de bombas de agua de alimentacion, condensado y circulacion en centrales termoelectricas. Para el analisis se recopilan datos de presion, temperatura y flujo de la instrumentacion instalada en campo, asi como de los valores de consumo de corriente y de voltaje en los motores de dichas bombas.

ResultadosSe incluyeron 2. Resumen: El campo de las bombas ha sido, por diversas razones, un tema esquivo para muchos ingenieros. El objetivo es entender el impacto socio-territorial de esos barrios a nivel local, metropolitano y nacional. It objective is understanding the socio-territorial impact of these developments at local, metropolitan and national levels.

After some basics elements about the history of these communities and their important and recent growth in the RMBA, this mutation is analyzed according to three categories: the architectural and urban forms; the functions of this spaces and the practices they allow or provoke; and the kind of social relationships they create.

For each of these three aspects, two different points of view are successively adopted: a look at the situation inside the gated community, and secondly, the changes that it creates for its surroundings and for the rest of the metropolis.

Finally, the paper comes to. Foram avaliados 33 sujeitos dos quais foram analis Plan de negocio para una empresa que alquila bombas sumergibles para el sector minero. Submersible pumps: Energetic efficiency norm; Bombas sumergibles: norma de eficiencia energetica. Acosta Torres, R.

This document has complied with the necessary formalities for the emission of the norm. This paper presents the results of the analysis of the submersible pumps, the energy savings, as well as the economic evaluation that sustains the norm project, additionally pointing out the environmental impact that will bring along the implantation of the same. Dicho documento ha cumplido con los tramites necesarios para la emision de una norma. En el presente articulo se mencionan los resultados del analisis de las bombas sumergibles, los ahorros energeticos, asi como la evaluacion economica que sustenta el proyecto de norma, indicandose ademas el impacto ambiental que tendra la implantacion de la misma.

Se presenta un modelo computacional para simular el Golpe de Arie Institutional-organizational, simbolic-imaginary, and historic-genealogic dimensions. It also attempts to contribute to an interdiscursive encounter, permeable to the particularities that constitute the social-imaginary tissue which underlay the practices and other characteristics of what we define as "closed.

Full Text Available In the last years the dominating urbanization way implemented in Tijuana and in border cities is the gated communities. The city tends to enclose itself arguing unsafety beyond the protective walls and fences. But, at the same time, it is a social distinction strategy. This work is about a spatial segregation process for the socioeconomic condition in Tijuana, the socialization levels reached inside the neighborhoods, and the urban scenario like simulation.

Comparison of the role of gibberellins and ethylene in response to submergence of two lowland rice cultivars, Senia and Bomba. We examined the gibberellin GA and ethylene regulation of submergence-induced elongation in seedlings of the submergence-tolerant lowland rice Oryza sativa L.

Elongation was enhanced after germination to facilitate water escape and reach air. We found that submergence-induced elongation depends on GA because it was counteracted by paclobutrazol an inhibitor of GA biosynthesis , an effect that was negated by GA 3.

Senia seedlings, in contrast to Bomba seedlings, did not elongate in response to ethylene or 1-aminocyclopropanecarboxylic-acid ACC; an ethylene precursor application, and submergence-induced elongation was not reduced in the presence of 1-methylcyclopropene 1-MCP; an ethylene perception inhibitor.

Ethylene emanation was similar in Senia seedlings grown in air and in submerged-grown seedlings following de-submergence, while it increased in Bomba. Our results support the conclusion that submergence elongation enhancement of lowland rice is due to alteration of GA metabolism leading to an increase in active GA GA 1 content.

Interestingly, in the cv Senia, in contrast to cv Bomba , this was triggered through an ethylene-independent mechanism. All rights reserved.

Heat pump for purification of geothermal brines; Bomba de calor para purificacion de salmuera geotermica. M; Holland, F. E-mail: rmb iie. Integrated use of geothermal resources is one of the most important goals for the future. Presently geothermal heat pumps offer two benefits: using heat from residual brines and converting these brines into very pure water. Designs and descriptions are presented of an experimental system to purify geothermal brines integrated to an adsorption heat-pump.

During the experimental stage, pure water was obtained. Maximum capacity for pure water was 4. Hoy en dia, el uso de las bombas de calor en la geotermia ofrece un doble beneficio: aprovechan el calor de los fluidos de desecho y tienen la capacidad de transformar la salmuera geotermica en agua de alta pureza. Se presenta el diseno y descripcion de un sistema experimental para purificacion de salmuera geotermica integrado a una bomba de calor por absorcion, el cual fue construido y probado en el Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas.

En toda la etapa de experimentacion se obtuvo agua pura. La capacidad maxima alcanzada de produccion de agua pura de este sistema fue de 4.

Argentina and, thus, understand the recurrent massacres of native and non-native populations produced by the Argentinean national State in its neo-colonial formation process. Specifically, it will examine two cases which occurred in the past century, long after General Roca's "final solution" in south Argentina and the extermination campaigns carried out by the Argentinean army in the north, and prior to the genocide of the last military dictatorship.

Both massacres of indigenous peoples have recently come under review as part of a necessary exercise for truth and memory. The implantation of micro hydroelectric power stations is one of the alternatives to supply energy to small and isolated communities, normally located in rural areas. The use of small load hydraulic potential is an alternative more feasible nowadays, not only because it lacks financial resources for big undertakings, but also, due to the small hydro power station hydraulic generation potential, which just a very small part has been taken advantage of.

The objective of this study was to show a simple engineering methodology in order to estimate the electro-mechanic generating set equipment costs used in micro hydroelectric power plants, which can be applied on preliminary studies about new hydroelectric power stations to be built, without detailed investigation about the.

Energy efficiency standardizing in vertical pumps; Normalizacion de eficiencia energetica en bombas verticales.


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Consejo Editorial: Ing. Su cargo es Gerente General de Halliburton Ecuador. El nombre legal de la empresa es: Repsol Ecuador S. Esta tarifa se la define a base de inversiones, costos operativos y una utilidad.


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