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WordPress Shortcode. Akhil Ahuja , Studying Follow. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Cherie Mcintosh I wouldn't have suffered three years of gout misery if I'd known that… Thousands of people are now gout-free simply from eating foods found in their local supermarket — now I'm one of them!

No meds, doctors or procedures — three years of pain gone in weeks. Grana Samueljosh. Show More. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Types Of Buses 1. Block Diagram 4. The ISA bus allowed the computer to automatically detect and setup computer ISA peripherals, such as a modem or sound card.

Applications Using the PnP technology, an end-user would have the capability of connecting a device and not having to configure the device using jumpers or dip switches. Block Diagram 9. It is no longer found in computers today. In particular, VLB video cards may cause reliability problems in motherboards running at 40 or 50 MHz.

Any system that will support VLB should be using it for the video card. The strict electrical limitations on the bus also reduced any "safety margin" available - negatively influencing reliability. As bus speeds of systems increased, VLB stability became increasingly difficult to manage.

The length of the slot and number of pins made VLB cards notoriously difficult to install and remove. Block Diagram PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect is an interconnection system between a microprocessor and attached devices in which expansion slots are spaced closely for high speed operation. Using PCI, a computer can support both new PCI cards while continuing to support Industry Standard Architecture ISA expansion cards, an older standard For image processing, PCI lets applications stream live video to a display or system memory, virtually eliminating the need for costly onboard memory.

PCI Express switches can create multiple endpoints out of one endpoint to allow sharing one endpoint with multiple devices. RS Recommended Standard Communication:asynchronous full duplex series data communication. Speeds bps to Length: typ. Cable : Multi-cored shielded. Features The voltage swing requirement also limits the upper speed of a compatible interface. While multi-drop "work-arounds" have been devised, they have limitations in speed and compatibility.

While a small amount of current can be extracted from the DTR and RTS lines, this is only suitable for low power devices such as mice. Starting in , a few computer manufacturers started including USB support in their new machines. It is expected to completely replace serial and parallel ports. If we have to connect a high power device then we have to use external adapter. One for the data transfer and the other for power transfer. Diagram In addition, Super Speed USB dramatically reduces the power necessary to transfer large amounts of data.

Windows operating systems 98 and later and Mac OS 8. Advantages SCSI pronounced "skuzzy" is supported by all major operating systems. Advantages 1. SCSI can handle a wide variety of devices: hard drives, scanners, plotters, CD drives, and the list goes on. A SCSI controller can communicate with up to 7 or 15 devices depending on the version. I am sure work is being done to add more.

It is often easier to install and setup a SCSI device than with many other device interfaces. This comment is not limited to the SCSI vs. IDE issue. See Advantage 1 for the scope of what I mean by "device. SCSI controllers and devices are intelligent, they have microcontrollers, if not full blown processors, inside them. They do not require software-base controller drivers like some Windows devices, putting less load on the CPU.

SCSI has proven itself to be a good platform for moving and storing large amounts of data. Recent developments with SCSI have focused on exploiting this feature even further. Recent SCSI controller and devices currently offer the highest through-put for any peripheral connection scheme currently available.

Disadvantages 1. SCSI has never been cheap. There are 3 different port interfaces for connecting internal SCSI devices: pin, pin, and pin. You can buy adapters to convert from one kind of connector to another.

There are even more port interfaces for connecting external devices. I know of at least 4. You can buy cables that convert from one port interface to another. It was developed by the Centronics printer company which is now defunct. The Centronics interface, also known as a Parallel Port, became the standard means of connecting printers to personal computers for decades. The technology required a 25 way connector of which up to 17 wires were used in the specification and bi- directional communications became possible in the enhanced versions like ECP and EPP.

Today, the Centronics interface has been largely replaced by the universal serial bus USB. For the most part, many manufactures have entirely omitted the parallel interface. These can be used for parallel printers and other peripheral devices that have a parallel interface. A parallel bus is one where each bit has its own copper wire. There is usually a strobe line that says when the data bits are valid. There is usually some framing information to identify the start of a frame of data, such as a long gap.

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info about buses (ISA, EISA, MCA, PCI, VESA, etc...)

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Bus Interface ISA (Industry Standard Architecture) VESA local bus

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