Email Address. The project — initiated as an international architectural competition design collaboration with KMD Architecture, Dublin — provides undergraduate reader places and space for ,00 volumes in a state-of-the-art library building with exposed boardmarked concrete and granite finishes. The concept established three prismatic sculptural blocks on a podium set North-South across the site; the two longer blocks are connected by an atrium. The taller is closed and stone-clad and dedicated to book storage a tower of books , the other, lower, more dynamically shaped in stone and glass — contains reading rooms with views over College Park; the third block is for a Book Conservation Laboratory. Each block is served by a core at one end which anchors the plan; each is designed as a solid planar element without advance or recession — the line of stone cladding is carried through into the atrium in timber panelling; the atrium glazing is perceived as a separate shard-like element, while the Conservation Block roof is an origami -like folded plane of glass and metal.

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Email Address. Designed by Aedas, Shenzhen Luohu Friendship Trading Centre is a redevelopment of a current department store to be transfigured into a new skyscraper with a 7-storey retail podium at the heart of Luohu in Shenzhen, China.

The design creates a vibrant and porous podium by staggering up various retail boxes in dynamic and organic forms in response to the bustling surroundings, delivering a new sustainable and iconic design for the city. Form4 Architecture designed Urban Frames, a LEED Gold-aimed, Silicon Valley residential and office space, to instill a distinct character in an area globally known as the epicenter of the tech industry. Intended to benefit both on-site users and the surrounding community with a visually appealing and sustainable design, this mixed-use architectural ensemble invites pedestrians and tenants alike to gather, share, retreat, entertain, and work.

The proposal for the 90 square meter Repossi flagship on Place Vendome divides the store into three distinct spaces — contextually referred to as street, gallery and salon.

Based on the idea that the collection of jewelry will be experienced and purchased at three different speeds — fast, slow, very slow — each floor responds to the different paces of shopping. The ground floor is the most public space. It works as an extension of the street providing a quick experience of the store. The first floor is a gallery, the level where the entire Repossi collection is exhibited.

The basement is a salon. The most intimate space of the boutique, it allows customized service for clients and patient exploration of special pieces. This residential building makes the most of a tiny space that enjoys a privileged location on a chamfered sidewalk street corner. The public space takes the lead. The strong volumen of the building steps back on the corner to emphasize the main access.

Tags: New York , U. This typology of commercial development is to greatly enhance the social and economic benefits for the high tech start-ups intended to invest in this new district. This project is located in Hamedan, one of Iranian historical cities. Hamedan has active urban space which is characterized by squares and an important north-south urban axis which connects them together.

This axis cross the site from the western side. Like this: Like Loading Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Privacy Policy Advertise.








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