Chevrolet S Owner's. Chevrolet S10 Repair Manual Pdf. S10 Automobile pdf manual download. Production model years It was the first compact pickup of the big three American automakers. The headquarters is in Warren, a northern suburb of Detroit, Michigan.

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Amid the energy crisis of the s, automobile manufacturers set their sights on designing more fuel-efficient vehicles. Among these was the first compact pickup truck to be built in the U.

While this little truck underwent some big changes over the course of its life span, it remained popular for more than 20 years, until it was discontinued in , and to this day, the model still boasts many satisfied owners. This model was slightly larger than the Chevy light utility vehicle, or LUV, manufactured between and However, the S was considerably smaller than the Chevrolet C 5. This first-year model featured two-wheel drive only. Standard features included a 1.

Another option included a 2. The truck had a bench seat with dual outside mirrors. The model S trucks were also available with four-wheel drive, and consumers could also opt for a 2. However, a new sport suspension became available for the models with regular cabs and two-wheel drive. Chevrolet also updated the clutch to feature hydraulics instead of the cable included with previous models. These newly designed emblems featured a big, red "S," and they were larger than the former badges.

The standard engine offered in this year was a 2. The 2. Chevrolet added a serpentine drive belt to replace the standard V-belts for both the 2. In , a sunroof would be added to the list of possible features for those seeking to buy one of these pickups. A new 4. This year also featured a special Cameo body package for the S, and only 2, Cameo vehicles were produced.

An electronic instrument cluster was a new option available with this model year, and it included a speedometer and tachometer as well as a voltmeter and gauges for fuel, oil pressure, and engine coolant temperature. Every four-wheel drive model had a standard 4. All four-wheel-drive models except the EL had the option of a new electronic shift transfer case.

These trucks also had the option for the new 4LE Hydramatic four-speed automatic transmission. Features were added that were designed to enhance the vehicle's comfort, value, and performance. The outside of the pickup truck was modified to have a forward-sloping hood with a wraparound grille. The trucks grew slightly larger, with regular-cab models measuring 63 inches tall, a little more than 17 feet long, and about 68 inches wide.

They also had 20 percent more glass than older models for enhanced visibility. The S was available in both a base model and an LS trim model. Two-wheel-drive models featured a 2. Keyless entry was a new option offered in this year. Chevrolet also added backlighting to the switches for windows, locks, and mirrors to make them easier to find in the dark.

All models also were updated to feature four-wheel anti-lock braking systems as a standard feature. Chevrolet also introduced the Sportside bed option in this year, which includes rounded fender wells that protrude from the sides. The automatic transmission shifter was repositioned to the floor for trucks with bucket seats. Also in this year, Chevrolet produced an electric S, the S EV, which is considered to be the rarest S variety ever made.

This pickup was percent electric-powered and had a range of about 45 miles after 2. The EV was primarily leased to utility companies for use in their vehicle fleets.

Between the EV and an updated version made in , only were made, and around 60 of these were sold. The rest were recalled and destroyed once their leases were up to safeguard Chevy's technology. The trucks received new grilles, composite headlights, and front bumper fascia. Dual front air bags became standard, with an option to deactivate the passenger side if desired.

Every model also came equipped with the Passlock theft-deterrent system. Chevrolet also revamped the interior of the trucks with a new instrument panel, floor console, and seats. The four-wheel-drive trucks also came standard with rear disc brakes and Insta-trac, which allowed for shifting into or out of four-wheel drive on the fly. The S Xtreme was introduced, featuring a body that was two inches lower, a special sport suspension package, and a monochrome grille and bumpers.

This model also sported inch aluminum wheels. All four-wheel-drive trucks now came with a standard heavy-duty suspension system. Four-wheel-drive standard-cab Ss were discontinued. Leather seats were available with crew-cab models.

Chevrolet replaced the S with the Colorado in subsequent years. The Ultimate Chevrolet S10 Page Amid the energy crisis of the s, automobile manufacturers set their sights on designing more fuel-efficient vehicles.


Chevrolet S10






The Ultimate Chevrolet S10 Page


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