Allergic conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctiva caused by a reaction to an allergen any substance that produces an allergic reaction. Exposure of the eyes to these allergens releases a substance known as histamine which causes the blood vessels in the conjunctiva to become inflamed. Allergic conjunctivitis can have several symptoms. It can be seasonal and related to the times of the year when there is an increase in allergens especially in Spring or it can be perennial all year long.

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Allergic conjunctivitis

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The Ocular Surface: From Physiology to the Ocular Allergic Diseases

Allergic conjunctivitis AC is an inflammatory disease of the conjunctiva caused mainly by an IgE-mediated mechanism. It is the most common type of ocular allergy. Despite being the most benign form of conjunctivitis, AC has a considerable effect on patient quality of life, reduces work productivity, and increases health care costs. No consensus has been reached on its classification, diagnosis, or treatment. Consequently, the literature provides little information on its natural history, epidemiological data are scarce, and it is often difficult to ascertain its true morbidity. This document is the first of its kind to describe and analyze aspects of AC that could make it possible to control symptoms.

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