Special Opportunities for Cub Scouts. Former Cub Scout Advancement Program. Deleted portions are struck through RED italic text like this sentence. To see the requirements, without the changes highlighted, Click here.

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There is a big difference in the achievements for arrow points for Bear. The Achievement requirements and the Elective requirements can be freely mixed to count toward earning arrow points. In the following descriptions, we will use the term " arrow point activities " to refer to either type of requirement.

To see what is available in the Achievements section - see Bear Badge requirements. Search this site. The Bear Electives. Make a pinhole planetarium and show three constellations. Visit a planetarium. Build a model of a rocket or space satellite. Read and talk about at least one man-made satellite and one natural one. Find a picture of another planet in our solar system. Explain how it is different from Earth. Learn how to read an outdoor thermometer. Put one outdoors and read it at the same time every day for two weeks.

Keep a record of each day's temperature and a description of the weather each day fair skies, rain, fog, snow, etc. Build a weather vane. Record wind direction every day at the same hour for two weeks. Keep a record of the weather for each day. Make a rain gauge. Find out what a barometer is and how it works.

Tell your den about it. Tell what "relative humidity" means. Learn to identify three different kinds of clouds. Estimate their heights. Watch the weather forecast on TV every day for two weeks.

Describe three different symbols used on weather maps. Keep a record of how many times the weather forecast is correct. Check with your local craft or hobby shop or the nearest Scout shop that carries a crystal radio kit. It is all right to use a kit.

Make and operate a battery powered radio, following the directions with the kit. Make an electric buzzer game. Make a simple bar or horseshoe electromagnet. Use a simple electric motor. Make a crane with an electromagnetic lift. Wear your PFD. Help an adult repair a real boat or canoe. Know the flag signals for storm warnings. Help an adult repair a boat dock. With an adult on board, and both wearing PFDs, row a boat around a yard course that has two turns.

Demonstrate forward strokes, turns to both sides, and backstrokes. Ride in a commercial airplane. Explain how a hot air balloon works. Build and fly a model airplane. You may use a kit. Every time you do this differently, it counts as a completed project. Sketch and label an airplane showing the direction of forces acting on it lift, drag, and load. Make a list of some of the things a helicopter can do that other kinds of airplanes can't. Draw or cut out a picture of a helicopter and label the parts.

Build and display a scale airplane model. You may use a kit or build it from plans. Know the safety rules. With an adult's help, make a windmill. With an adult's help, make a waterwheel. Make an invention of your own design that goes.

Learn to play two familiar tunes on any musical instrument. Play in a den band using homemade or regular musical instruments. Play at a pack meeting. Play two tunes on any recognized band or orchestra instrument. ART Page Do an original art project and show it at a pack meeting. Every project you do counts as one requirement Here are some ideas for art projects: Mobile or wire sculpture, Silhouette, Acrylic painting, Watercolor painting, Collage, Mosaic, Clay sculpture, Silk screen picture.

Visit an art museum or picture gallery with your den or family. Find a favorite outdoor location and draw or paint it. Make an animal mask. Make a clown mask. Learn to push the shutter button without moving the camera. Do this without film in the camera until you have learned how. Look through the viewfinder and see what your picture will look like.

Make sure that everything you want in your picture is in the frame of your viewfinder. Take five pictures of the same subject in different kinds of light. Subject in direct sun with direct light. Subject in direct sun with side light. Subject in direct sun with back light. Subject in shade on a sunny day. Subject on a cloudy day. Put your pictures to use. Mount a picture on cardboard for display. Mount on cardboard and give it to a friend.

Make three pictures that show how something happened tell a story and write a one sentence explanation for each. Take a picture in your house. With available light.

Using a flash attachment or photoflood bright light. Make solar prints of three kinds of leaves. Make a display of eight different animal tracks with an eraser print. Collect, press, and label ten kinds of leaves. Build a waterscope and identify five types of water life. Collect eight kinds of plant seeds and label them. Collect, mount, and label ten kinds of rocks or minerals. Collect, mount, and label five kinds of shells.

With your den, put on a magic show for someone else. Learn and show four puzzles. Learn and show three rope tricks. Seed bare spots. Get rid of weeds. Pick up litter. Agree ahead of time on what you will do. Make a sketch of a landscape plan for the area right around your home. Talk it over with a parent or den leader. Show which trees, shrubs and flowers you could plant to make the area look better.

Take part in a project with your family, den, or pack to make your neighborhood or community more beautiful.


Ideas for Bear Scout Electives

Special Opportunities for Cub Scouts. Former Cub Scout Advancement Program. To see the changes which were made, Click here. For the previous requirements, Click here. Discover and learn about three types of fish in your area. Draw a color picture of each fish, record what each one likes to eat, and describe what sort of habitat each one likes. Learn about your local fishing regulations with your den leader or a parent or guardian.


The Bear Electives

Here are some ideas of fun ways you can have your den complete some of the Bear Scout electives. You can see the complete List of Electives here. On this page, we are only offering suggestions for certain electives since many of these electives are meant to be done individually by each scout, depending on their interests. Of course, we'd love to hear what activities your den did that the scouts really enjoyed.


Bear Elective Adventures


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