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Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Home Help Advertise Login Register. Pages: Author Topic: Dhandho Holdings! Read times. Quote from: hunterny on July 11, , PM. The board turned on him three years ago. For the most part, only one view is being presented, but there's not much point in arguing about it as we will know the answer in time. Quote from: racemize on July 12, , AM. Quote from: cubsfan on July 12, , AM.

CorpRaider Hero Member Posts: I always enjoy reading or watching his stuff. I think folks turned on him due to ZINC. They did what he said follow gurus and got burned. I don't see how anyone can't say that part is at least a little misleading.

I think it is a lot of things. What I personally find confusing is how much everyone likes to bash performance--almost every famous value investor's and a ton of non-famous one's too record sucks right now. If everyone were doing hunky dory and Pabrai was lagging, ok, but they are all in the tank.

Yeah and also most of the value tilted indexes and even the academic factor I believe have been sucking wind. Quote from: stahleyp on July 13, , AM. Quote from: investmd on July 16, , PM. SMF 2.


Our Stake in Dhandho Holdings

Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Home Help Advertise Login Register. Pages: Author Topic: Dhandho Holdings!



Dhandho Holdings is marked on our books to its quarterly book value. Book value is a reasonable, yet conservative proxy for intrinsic value. Over the last two years, CEO Mohnish Pabrai and his expanding team have focused on increasing per share intrinsic value. Much of this value initially fails to appear on the balance sheet. It contributes to the intrinsic value of the business yet, is not included in our book value calculation. Below are three examples of declining book value paired with increasing intrinsic value of the business. First, previous letters have shared that headquarters have been moved to Puerto Rico, enabling them to take part in Act 20 and Act

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