I found a Durst M, but i am not sure exactly how it works, im not used to using that one, nor do i know if it works well for black and white developing. I took a course on photography, there i used the saundeds LPL i'm not sure if it was the D ir the C I would really appreciate any advice anyone could give me on chosing the right enlarger. Thank you in advance. Durest M seems like a very tempting deal.

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Discussion in ' Darkroom Equipment ' started by kq6up , Mar 28, Share This Page. Thread Tools. Mar 28, 1. Messages: I am enlarging in my bathroom, and I am back to using my old M I have a Besseler M45 that I purchased because I wanted to print from 4x5" negs.

That is where I fell in love with glassless carriers. However, I don't have the room to set up the M45 at the moment. I am just happy to be printing again. Do they make a glassless for the M Any tips to cut down on dust and Newton's rings if there is not such a critter?

Thanks, Chris Maness. Mar 28, 2. They did make glassless inserts for the neg carrier, but good luck finding them these days. You should be able to make one yourself fairly easily. It is simply a chunk of metal with the proper size window cut out but you could use any material of same thickness as glass plate now in carrier. You can get the outer dimensions from the glass in the carrier now.

I have only the 35mm mask, have been meaning to make up some for 4x4 and 6x6 but haven't gotten around to it yet. I also have the glass insert, but dust and newton rings I do not have the AN glass and can't find it have been a problem so only printing 35mm as of now. Mar 28, 3. This carrier has the little mask blades that are adjustable. I was thinking about just trying it without the glass. If that doesn't work, I have a friend that teaches a fabrication class that might be able to help me make one.

Mar 28, 4. I don't think you would be able to use the blades to hold your negs, they are below the "film plane", focus would be an issue, and I doubt they would be kind to your neg even if focus were possible. Fabrication is your only option if you wish to go glassless.

You might try some mat board, may be sufficient, if not you're only out a piece of mat and 10 minutes work. Mar 28, 5. Yes, I realize that I can't use the blades for a holder, but I was thinking about the masking that you were referring to only to block the extra light from the negative. That way you would not need a different mask for 35mm. You would be able to use the same carrier for both.

I think that is how it is designed as the glass does not need to be changed when you use 35mm. Mar 28, 6. Maybe I'm not understanding correctly, but I don't see how one mask could be used for multiple neg sizes. If you tried to mount a 35mm neg on a 6x6 glassless carrier it would simply fall through the 6x6 opening.

I am not familiar with other glassless carriers, maybe they have a different design. With the M the glassless carrier is a sheet of metal with an opening slightly smaller than the negative size. Mar 28, 7. Ok, now I understand the issue. I was thinking if I had longer strips of film it would not be such an issue, but then again, I could imagine that the film would be sagging in the middle causing focus issues. Mar 30, 8. Ahh, I was able to score a 35mm and 6x6cm glassless carrier on ebay so they do exist.

I had to buy the whole head to go with it, but it was still cheap. Mar 30, 9. You should go buy a lottery ticket, I've been looking for years for the 6x6! Figures the one week I don't look one pops up Nice find, and enjoy! Now off to scour ebay Mar 31, Do NOT go stockwhat you do is put a spacing plate in the indentation where the negative carrier goes the one with the glass I used that foam tape--you can use cardboard--THEN--get yourself a couple of OMEGA holder for the little onethe b-2 I think I pre-heatfocus the pre-heated negative on the easel, then put the cardboard below the lens to block the light to the easel--I pout the paper in the easel and I put my hand below the lens--remove the cardboard Jan 15, Messages: 5.

I have recently acquired a Durst M and a F30 the M came missing some parts and lenses, i since ordered the lenses but cant find the o"opal glass plate" anywhere. I however am a glassblower by trade and can prepare a square of borosilicate glass for it. My question on that is does any one know the exact size and thickness?

The F30 came with no lens at all, but im hoping they are interchangeable? I have not used an enlarger since High School and am grateful for any help you can provide. Thanks Karl T. Messages: 9, Lensboard on the F30 looks like it is threaded for "Leica" thread or M39 thread. Lenses will screw into in to the board on that one, and yes, you could share the lenses. However, the M might also have a lensboard with threads, but many of the larger Durst enlargers could be fitted with a number of different lensboards with different threads or special rapid interchange mounts.

I don't have the M manual I found a pdf of the manual, But it does not stat the actual size of both the clear and opal glass plates, I assume they go in the slide out carrier so I can get the size from that, But not the thickness. I also saw a complete set for sale of the whole enlarger and sent an email to the person whom posted it asking for assistance in measuring the glass.

Thank you for your reply ic-racer. Ok, I found the M manual. It will make a difference as to which lens 50 or 80 you get. Also, the lens boards could be the small M25 mount or the M39 mount.

So, to enlarge format 6x6cm you need the SIXPLA and you need an 80mm lens threaded for the lensboard, either m25 or m Sometimes M25 is a blessing, because the lenses can be cheap. Best way to get the size is to measure your enlarger and see what size glass it takes. If you can make your own opal glass that is great. Last edited: Jan 15, Hi, I will attach some photos so you can see what i have and what i ordered. JPG File size: JPG File size: 1. Jan 19, Messages: 1, The M, M, M, and the M use the same carrier inserts.

The 6x7 inserts will only work with the M, etc but all the others are the same. As Durst originally intended you would leave the glass plate in the top or the anti-Newton ring replacement glass and use a metal insert plate in the bottom, later folks would buy two glassless and use top and bottom and even later Durst came out with a slightly larger insert intended for the top position, hint if you use two of the larger inserts you can print full frame with the borders.

The rarest set might be the set, it took me years to find a set. You can make your own sets from cheap carriers a saw and a file, make them from small metal plates or print with a 3d printer.

Jan 25, Last pix has the lens mounted on the wrong side of the lens board. Lens mounts on the beveled side of the board. Both Componar 75mm lenses look like they may be the smaller 25mm mount lenses. You won't get it to properly focus on the flat board, other than close, cuz the lens can't get close enough to the film.

Note that the Nikon 50 has a 39mm lens mount. Jan 26, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.


Durst M600

Two of my friends found a complete darkroom in the "freebies" section of Craiglist, bundled all of it into their truck and delivered it to my shop last week. The first item out of the box was a Kinderman 35mm developing tank that holds 2 35mm reels. There are some trays which probably need replacing and a very old yellow box with a tin of Hypo Clear in it, unopened. The enlarger is complete with all of its bits and manual, there is a Premier Print Dryer in good shape, and I have everything else but a safelight and a new bulb for the enlarger. Will probably use an LED as it will create a lot less heat to worry about.


Durst M 600/605 Classic Enlarger Enlargers

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