Give Pro. Dustin is The Man when it comes to strobist bokeh street photography! Really amazing Stuffs! Dustin is one of the most creative individuals I found here on flickr.

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A few years ago, I became very interested in Strobist techniques, primarily the use of off camera flash, the importance of lighting and learning on various positioning, the equipment used by other photographers and trying to learn as much as I can from them.

As much as I would love to have had the top-of-the line lens, the best off camera flash and strobes, my mindset was not there yet. So, I have spent months looking at Strobist website and Strobist techniques from photographers with similar equipment on Flickr and just trying to soak everything in. The goal is pretty much take a photo each day and upload one everyday for days straight.

But also for one to challenge themselves by trying to come up with something creative with each photo. Each day, Dustin would post a photo but would also post a second photo and sometimes video of how he took the shot.

And I was pretty excited that he would take his time to show people how he accomplished these shots. Granted, Dustin had provided Strobist info. Where did you position your flash? How this? How that?

You get the picture. But each description was witty, fun and definitely not coming off as academic or egoist. A few of his photos would also be recommended by Flickr. But after his Project was completed, just to see the gradual improvement by a man using off camera flash and just taking these creative photos was inspirational. And sure, there are other professional photographers who are just as inspirational, but for me, Dustin Diaz was someone I can relate to because he was a normal guy trying to learn for himself and improve.

Previously, I would have to take my iPad to areas with Wi Fi and look at his photos and his Strobist info. The setup shot would often show his flash stand with an umbrella, the flash used and at one brightness and zoom and whether or not he used a CTO Gel to add color. He would also include the ISO, aperture, the shutter speed and the lens he used and pretty much some of the pertinent settings one would find in the exif data of a photo.

Dustin also goes into information about using speedlights, radio triggers, light stands, umbrella adapters, light modifiers, etc. Also, a few technical pages on light and inverse square. There are about a hundred shots with Strobist info. Being familiar with his work on his Flickr page, it was great to have that extension of his work and seeing the Strobist info.

By no means is this book meant to be the end all to Strobist info. But who this book is for, is those who want to know how he accomplishes his photos? Where he positions his light stands, how many Flash units, at what zoom and what setting.

Learning on what lens did he use. Learning what shutter speed and aperture was used. This is not a book that goes into detail of why he chose that shot and to explain why he took that shot. This is not that kind of book. This book is pretty much a Strobist resource for those who are wondering how Dustin Diaz accomplishes the photos he took and not asking why.

Nor is he the kind of guy like many others from the Strobist community to answer why he took the photo in such a manner. There are career professionals who have books out there, who have websites and blogs that go into full detail of their photography. For those wanting a more professionally written, academic style photography book, this is not that kind of book. What would I have liked to see in the book?

Possibly comments from Dustin about the photo. For example, one of the biggest questions that occur often on his comments section on Flickr are people wondering about the safety of the shot.

On Project , for one photo, he talked about losing a clamp and a flash because it was stolen. But people wonder, are there people watching his equipment when he takes his photo in the streets somewhere in the Bay Area?

If anything, perhaps a bit more discussion on the challenges of certain shots would have been nice to see. Granted, I know that the goal was to show a full page of the original shot and the Strobist setup shot, but perhaps having the full shot and a shot of the setup maybe smaller or cropped but with a paragraph of comments would have been nice.

Dustin is just a normal guy who is still learning, but yet sharing what he learned from his own personal experience and sharing it with the world and inspiring thousands of people. And this may rub some people off the wrong way. Setup strobist info.

And as mentioned, it is worth the money! Of course not. Will it help the noob? My answer is that if you are new and use the information featured on the Strobist website, learn from the Strobist community and then apply the Strobist setup techniques as seen in this book and apply it to your setup, then yes.

Do you have to do everything as exactly what is featured in the book? Do you need a top of the line camera? And do you have to buy Manfrotto light stands? If anything, learn from that experience. With the Strobist website, the Strobist community forum on Flickr and other books from professionals out there are fantastic sources for information!

I spent a lot of time perusing photos with a Strobist setup and information with the finalized shot and Dustin Diaz has inspired a lot of us through his learning experience and sharing that Strobist experience with those who follow his work. Skip to content Friday, June 5, About Contact. Search for:. NOTE: This review was originally published back in A few years ago, I became very interested in Strobist techniques, primarily the use of off camera flash, the importance of lighting and learning on various positioning, the equipment used by other photographers and trying to learn as much as I can from them.

And gradually overtime, seeing how his technique would improve while taking these pictures. More from dennisamith.


How Dustin Diaz Lights His Shots



Dustin Diaz


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