Lussagnet Suzanne. Anthropologie, physiologie, pathologie. Baumann J. Leur influence sur la terminologie en biotypologie. Revue de morphophysiologie humaine.

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Lussagnet Suzanne. Anthropologie, physiologie, pathologie. Baumann J. Leur influence sur la terminologie en biotypologie. Revue de morphophysiologie humaine. Paris, t. Beltrami G.

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In : The physical anthropology of the american Indian, edited by W. New York, The Viking Fund,. Boyd William C. The blood groups and types. New York, The Viking Fund, In : Homenaje al Dr.


Andean Archaeology I

Methodology for leading indicators on sustainable regional development 1. This research depicts an exploratory initiative focused on treating data to create score and rank indicators of sustainability that can be used to monitor sustainable regional development in metropolitan regions. In order to characterize, classify, and predict the conditions that might lead to the sustainable regional development of cities in a metropolitan area, the study of municipalities in the Baixada Fluminense region neighboring the city of Rio de Janeiro was adopted as a reference. The operational assumption for constructing and handling the variables took into account the existence of a legal framework, proposed by the government institute in charge of national research and socioeconomic data surveys, thereby establishing the parameters for the leading indicators required to characterize the conditions needed to achieve different development levels.

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