Contents in brief full contents below. Christianity in 18thst century beyond confessional boundaries. Full contents. The community of the faithful righteous in apocalyptic literature.

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For we were weighed down beyond measure , beyond our strength , so that we became weary , even of life itself. And it is not with worldly wisdom , but in the grace of God , that we have conversed with this world , and more abundantly toward you. Or in the things that I consider , do I consider according to the flesh , so that there would be , with me , both Yes and No? For by faith you stand. For we are not ignorant of his intentions. Tak, saying goodbye to them , I set out for Macedonia.

But to the other , the fragrance is of life unto life. And concerning these things , who is so suitable? Or are we in need as some are of epistles of commendation for you , or from you? But our adequacy is from God. For the letter kills , but the Spirit gives life. This was ineffective , for their minds were obtuse. And wherever the Spirit of the Lord is , there is liberty. And this is done by the Spirit of the Lord.

We are merely your servants through Jesus. But it is as though our outer man is corrupted , while our inner man is renewed from day to day. For the things that are seen are temporal , whereas the things that are not seen are eternal. And he has placed in us the Word of reconciliation. We beseech you for Christ : be reconciled to God. For how can justice be a participant with iniquity? Or how can the fellowship of light be a participant with darkness? Or what part do the faithful have with the unfaithful?

And do not touch what is unclean. And I will be a Father to you , and you shall be sons and daughters to me , says the Lord Almighty.

We have injured no one ; we have corrupted no one ; we have defrauded no one. For we have told you before that you are in our hearts : to die together and to live together. Great is my glorying over you. I have been filled with consolation. I have a superabundant joy throughout all our tribulation.

For he brought to us your desire , your weeping , your zeal for me , so that I rejoiced all the more. And if I did repent , but only for a time , having realized that the same epistle made you sorrowful , now I am glad : not because you were sorrowful , but because you were sorrowful unto repentance. For you became sorrowful for God , so that you might not suffer any harm from us. But the sorrow that is of the world accomplishes death.

But in our consolation , we have rejoiced even more abundantly over the joy of Titus , because his spirit was refreshed by all of you. Ale, just as we have spoken all things to you in truth , so also our glorying before Titus has been the truth. But through the solicitude of others , I approve of the good character of your charity.

For this is useful to those of you who , only a year earlier , had just begun to act , or even to be willing to act. But since he was more solicitous , he went to you of his own free will. But now there is a greater solicitousness , which is greatly entrusted to you ; and whether it concerns Titus , who is a companion to me and a helper to you , or whether it concerns our brothers , the Apostles of the churches , it is to the glory of Christ.

For Achaia has also been prepared , for the past year. And your example has inspired very many others. I am certainly , by appearances , lowly among you , yet I have confidence in you , even while I am absent. If anyone trusts that by these things he belongs to Christ , let him reconsider this within himself. For just as he belongs to Christ , so also do we. But his bodily presence is weak , and his speech is contemptible. But we measure ourselves by ourselves , and we compare ourselves with ourselves.

For we have gone even as far as you have in the Gospel of Christ. And let no one consider me to be foolish. In this matter , I speak in foolishness if anyone dares , I dare also. They are Israelites ; so am I. They are the offspring of Abraham ; so am I. One time , I was stoned. Three times , I was shipwrecked.

For a night and a day , I was in the depths of the sea. Who is scandalized , and I am not being burned? And he heard words of mystery , which it is not permitted for man to speak. But on behalf of myself , I will not glory about anything , except my infirmities.

But I will speak the truth. Yet I will do so sparingly , lest anyone may consider me to be anything more than what he sees in me , or anything more than what he hears from me.

For virtue is perfected in weakness. For when I am weak , then I am powerful. For I ought to have been commended by you. For I have been nothing less than those who claim to be above the measure of Apostles , even though I am nothing.

Forgive me this injury. For I am seeking not the things that are yours , but you yourselves. And neither should the children store up for the parents , but the parents for the children. Did Titus defraud you? Did we not walk with the same spirit? Did we not walk in the same steps? We speak in the sight of God , v Kristu. A tak, I mourn for the many who sinned beforehand , and did not repent , over the lust and fornication and homosexuality , which they have committed.

And yes , we are weak in him. But we shall live with him by the power of God among you. Examine yourselves. Or do you yourselves not know whether Christ Jesus is in you? But perhaps you are reprobates. This is also what we pray for : your perfection. And so the God of peace and love will be with you. He consoles us in all our tribulation , so that we too may be able to console those who are in any kind of distress , through the exhortation by which we also are being exhorted by God.

Tak, if we are in tribulation , it is for your exhortation and salvation , or if we are in consolation , it is for your consolation , or if we are exhorted , it is for your exhortation and salvation , which results in the patience endurance of the same passion which we also endure.

But we had within ourselves the response to death , so that we would not have faith in ourselves , but in God , who raises the dead. He has rescued us , and he is rescuing us , from great peril. And you are assisting , with your prayers for us , so that from many persons , by that which is a gift in us , thanks may be given through many persons , because of us.

For our glory is this : the testimony of our conscience , which is found in simplicity of heart and in sincerity toward God. For we write nothing else to you other than what you have read and understood.

And just as you have acknowledged us in our role , that we are your glory , so also you are ours , unto the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. And with this confidence , I wanted to come to you sooner , so that you might have a second grace ,.

Pak, although I had intended this , did I act lightly? Now the One who confirms us with you in Christ , and who has anointed us , is God. And he has sealed us , and he has placed the pledge of the Spirit in our hearts.

But I call God as a witness to my soul , that I was lenient with you , in that I did not return to Corinth :. But I determined this within myself , not to return again to you in sorrow.

For if I make you sorrowful , then who is it that can make me glad , except the one who is made sorrowful by me? A tak, I wrote this same thing to you , so that I might not , when I arrive , add sorrow to sorrow for those with whom I ought to rejoice , having confidence in you in all things , so that my joy may be entirely yours.

For with much tribulation and anguish of heart , I wrote to you with many tears : not so that you would be sorrowful , but so that you might know the charity that I have more abundantly toward you. But if anyone has brought sorrow , he has not sorrowed me.

Let this rebuke be sufficient for someone like this , for it has been brought by many. Tak potom, o opaku, you should be more forgiving and consoling , lest perhaps someone like this may be overwhelmed with excessive sorrow.

But anyone whom you have forgiven of anything , I also forgive.


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