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Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Flag for Inappropriate Content. Download Now. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. GURPS 3rd ed. Jump to Page. Search inside document. The Celtic Corld Celtic Honor Kingdoms. The Gesa.. Warriors and Storytellers. Celtic Kings.. Warate cnn Single Combat. Living on Hospitality The Conventions of War. Celtic Law Dressing for War. Board Games Rituals and Rites Druids and Priests. Holy Groves and Temples The Tales as The Ulster Cycle.

The Invasions of Eriu. The Loss and Recovery of the Tain The Mabinogion. The Tale of Taliesen Llew and Blodeuaedd.. Culhweh and Olwen. Characters Character Types Advantages New Advantages New Disadvantages Skills New Skill Appearance Social Status and Wealth Celtic Weapons. Celtic Armor. The Sidhe Sidhe in the Campaign. The Tuatha und the Fomor.

Celtic Supers.. Sidhe Advantages The Druids How the World Saw the Druids. Adventure Seed: Making a Tathlur nu. Other Magic Systems..

Non-Druid Magic. Wild Mana Areas in Practice. The Tree Talismans. Magic and the Sidhe Tree Magic. Skills not Spells. Consonant Tree Spells Elder R - Ruis Aspen E — Eadha.. Yew I - Idho. Spell Tables 6.

Campaigns Starting a Campaign Style: Realistic vs, Mythic. The Air of Mystery: Never Explain Tin Miners. Adventure Seeds Cross-Genre Celtic Play Timeline Our adress is SI Games, Box Resources now available include Pyramid www sjgames. And Pyramid subscribers also have access to Playtest fies online, to see and comment fn new books before they're released, New supplements and adventures GURPS cominues to grow, and we'll be happy to let you know vthat's new.

Or check out our We site below , Errata. Everyone makes mistakes. We do our best to answer any game question accompanied by an SASE. Tnternet, Visit us on the World Wide Web at www. We also have confer fences on Compuserve snd AOL. Third aition, Revised.

It is about the mythological and magical lives of the Celts. For instance, there is litle solid evidence about the druids. Welsh is phonetic and is left unchanged, but Irish is far from phonetic for more on Celtic pronunciations, see Glossary: p. Where a standard or familiar Irish form exists, itis used. He is a full-time RPG writer. He has published in White Dwvarf, Pyramid, Arcane, and other magazines.

Prydain Britain and Eriu cland rested within 2 span of ime that bas its begining at the arrival of Partholan in Eria cirea B.

C and its ending with dhe arrival of the Romans in Prydsin 43 A. Porcius Cato The Critic orld- View he Celts saw the world as a place on the borders of possibility, as both mysterious and familiar. They accepted magic and the Otherworld as easily as the grass and wees, They accepted won- ders, strange things found in the fields. They loved hearing tales of mysterious Places far away and of great heroes long ago. If those great heroes turned up one day out of the mists looking for lodging, they were welcomed.

The how and why of the world was arcane and better left alone. The worst thing that could happen to a Celtic hero was to be thought poorly of by his peers; he would genuinely prefer death. As examples, Ferdiad went to fight Cuchulain, his best friend, knowing he'd be killed, to avoid ridicule; Cuchulain broke a gesa see p.

They had the ability to throw themselves into their endeavors, to give all they had to what they were doing. What they had they gave with both hands. Theits was not a sanitized world-view: Deirdre discovered the image of her true love in a raven tearing at 4 bloody carcass in the snow sce p.

They found nothing in the natural world disgusting, or shameful. The only shameful things were human behav. The mood of these stories was one of hiraeth, a Welsh word meaning caging, nostalgia, or homesickness. Hiraeth celebrated what had passed ay.

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GURPS Celtic Myth

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Standing stones. Headhunting and human sacrifice. Lusty kings and cattle-raiding queens. Naked warriors painted blue. Mysterious druids and crafty Sidhe. The Celtic world was full of strange enchantments and bloody battles. Enter a world of feasting and fighting, where magic is everywhere and glory is everything.



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