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Recently, the Health Authority — Abu Dhabi has changed the process of applying for HAAD exam and licensure by requiring nurses to undergo credential verification first. Credentialing is done via Dataflow and exam administration is conducted by Pearsonvue Professional Testing. Associate Degree Nurses from North America. Holders of such programs qualify as Practical Nurses. NLT 2 years clinical experience post qualification in appropriate setting.

Applicants must complete the Primary Source Verification PSV process by filling up online forms and uploading required documents. Here are the common documents needed:. Wait for your username and password in the email within the next 48 hours.

Print your booking confirmation and bring it with you to the testing center together with 2 valid IDs. Candidates will receive a booking confirmation by email within 48 hours for the date and location that you will take the exam.

If you do not receive the booking confirmation within 48 hours or if any of the information is erroneous, please contact Pearson VUE immediately thru phone or by email. The exam is a question test in multiple choice format. Results of HAAD exam is revealed after the test.

Source here and here. I'm graduate and got my license feb. Do I need to upload already the authenticated red ribboned diplomas of my high school and college in haad dataflow?

I am not yet done with authenticating of my diplomas …. Required po ang BLS.. Yes you can use it as long as you don't have any gap in practice. You can check more here: OFW Community. For the first stage in Dataflow, you don't need Red Ribbon. What you need is CAV. For more info check it here : Dataflow Requirements.

Red Ribboned or not is still ok. For more information please check it out here: Dataflow Requirements. Anyone who's done with the dataflow here? Just wanted to ask, what to put in the 'others" section and what to upload in the "facility declaration form"? I don't have a sponsoring facility. I am confused. I've been trying to figure this out for days now.. Can I still apply in UAE as a nurse? I am concern in licensing that they may not process it bec I don't have exp in a hospital setting but I am planning to apply only in a homecare.

Iam currently making an account for the data flow but I cant make an account. How to sign up? Pls help me. Thanks a lot. Those without an sponsor, you may download still the form and leave it blank, and scan it again and upload…hope it helps to you..

Just leave it blank if you don't have sponsor yet. Check more on : Haad Dataflow procedure. As long as your experience is related with nursing. Try mo i-follow ang format ni binigay nila.. You can earn while enjoying time with your family and love ones. Print the form, fill it-up and then re-upload it again. For more details please visit: Haad Dataflow Guide. Declaration form by itself means you are declaring something and that the information you declared are true and correct.

You can find it in your account. Print it, fill-it up-sign it and then re-upload it as attachment. As far as I know, it has a validity up to 5 years. Check this: Haad Dataflow. Hi can I take haad exam if my exp. I just want to ask if what is the meaning of LOA. Ive send an email to the their support group but still no reply.

Im helpless. I would like to ask how long to wait for the CID result? But I don't have any facility declaration, I am getting stuck in data flow process.. I would like to inform you that I am here in Duabi since last 3 years and would like to resume my career. No problem at all. You can check more here : OFW Forum. From Dataflow to Scheduling will be around days. You can check the details here : OFW Forum.

Check what others say here OFW Forum. Letter of Authenticity. You can check for more info here : OFW Community. My question is Do I have to fill-up the arabic form which is the first 2 page or just the English forms which is the 3rd and 4th page. Hi Jun. I want to apply for haad exam without sponsor. But im having problem with section 3.

Like i've said, i'm applying without sponsor, but i can't proceed to the next step because they are saying that it is a mandatory field. What should i do? Is it true that i could convert dha license to haad.?. Coz if its true, i might risk taking dha exams cause based from what i have heard, passing rate in haad exams is so high and its very difficult to examiners to pass the exam. Hello po. Im currently employed in a dental facility for a year now feb And i have an experience as an rnheals in the philippines.

Will my experience sum up for 2 years even if it has 11 mos gap? I want to take haad exam, and i dont wanna wait for my 2 year contract to end since my bls would expire by that time.

As early as possible i wanna sort out my options, and it would be an advantage to know early, for me to focus on attainable goals. Good day! I'm a HAAD applicant. I have few concerns about my application and I'm confident that you're the right person to ask for help. I wasn't able to attach the required documents and I just click submit. Until now I don't have any confirmation sent in my email that I can already take the Exam.

What should I do?. I wanna know coz I'm in that payment stage right now and my facility has not paid the said payment yet. Any response here will be greatly appreciated. I Look forward permitting me to be of service to you. You can contact me via e-mail: navaroloancompany yahoo. As in the whole processing time????

Hi, could you please Adv. For HAAD rn exam, to pass how many questions out of are to be answered correctly. Good day. Hello, can I ask if private duty nurse is considered as experience to take haad exam? Please reply. Thank you.

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Qualification Requirements PQR which represents a milestone towards fulfilling the UAE strategic objectives to improve the healthcare service provision across the country. For nurses minimum of 20 CME hours is required for License renewal. Minimum One 1 year clinical experience post qualification Assistant nurse program with minimum 18 months course duration Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery of 18 months to three 3 years course duration Specialty Nurse Qualification as Registered Nurse And Post graduate certificate in one 1 of the nursing specialties with minimum one 1 year fulltime course duration Minimum of One 1 year experience in the related specialty field post qualification. The licensing of this healthcare professional will be reviewed after evaluation by the Authorities. BSc in Nursing, or equivalent with minimum three 3 years course duration And Midwifery Certificate with minimum one 1 year course duration Associate degree in Nursing from Canada or USA with minimum two 2 years course duration And Successful completion of the National exam and Midwifery Certificate with minimum one 1 year course duration. Assistant Midwife Assistant midwife degree with minimum two 2 years course duration.


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PQR Page 0 of Page 1 of Page 2 of Page 3 of We would like to thank all the individuals who have dedicated their expertise and time during the course of the revision of the PQR.


Healthcare Professionals Qualification Requirements (pqr) 2014-1.pdf

Their efforts in this undertaking are much appreciated. PQR Page 4 of BSC: Bachelor s degree. T: Computed Tomography. CD: Certificate diploma. CST: Certified Surgical technologist. S: Executive Medical Secretary.


HAAD Exam application and licensure


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