Duggan grew up in Glens Falls, New York, where he became a star athlete in high school and his father was the Chief of police for the City of Glens Falls. He was a letterman in football, track, wrestling and basketball, and won the New York State High School wrestling championship in the unlimited weight class division. Duggan was recruited by Ohio State University, but would instead choose to play football at Southern Methodist University, where he played both ways and was selected as team captain. After college, Duggan was signed by the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League but was released after being plagued by knee injuries. Duggan broke into the professional wrestling business thanks in large part to wrestler Fritz Von Erich. The two met while Duggan was on a recruiting trip to SMU.

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We went a twenty-minute broadway and trying to hold on to him was damn near impossible! He was in such great shape. It really pissed me off. Rude, too! We tried to get her attention. She was sitting in a chair and she had her little champagne glass in hand and everything and she went ass up over end and lost it. Donald ran down the aisle after it happened. I found out a couple of years later that she actually tried to get a couple of her security guys to take me out- do away with me, you know?

She was quite pissed off! I could have been a White House man if things had turned out right. You never know! Give me a break, bro. I never would have thought that in a million years! Just an incredible moment. He liked to play Cribbage and I liked to play Cribbage. We played some good games, man. He enjoyed playing cards and we matched up pretty good. And when we got into the ring, he did what he wanted to do.

It was just such a great honor. I was never questioned about what I was doing. Life turns you upside down sometimes and I went through a rough childhood and experienced some horrible things. You learn to read people. You learn to lie, you know? I had to get it down, man, so I think when it came to wrestling, it was just a natural fit because I had already experienced so much in life that learning to read people was easy for me.

And learning to manipulate people was pretty simple, too. If you know what they like, you know what to do. You just do it. It was exactly what I wanted. I had a front face lock on a guy named [Len Denton] The Grappler and when he went to push me into the corner, he stepped on my toe.

We fell backward and it was born. I just worked on it and got it right and did it. It tickles me that all these guys use it for a false finish now and all these fans know who did it the best— I did!

You might have a place where you get your mail but Jesus Christ, man, you never saw it. Back in the heyday, I was running about days a year. I was off just a few days here and a few days there and that was it. The reason I did [the documentary] was to show hope for everybody. Of course, it sucked. But it was my choice. I think by doing that, I held myself accountable to everyone.

It was incredible, man, to finally get there. You know, with doing this tour, I just go out there and remember things and remember these moments. Plus, it helps me with my memory and it helps me with my speech. Be expected to hear an F-bomb, you know? Hey, if you want PG, go see Mick Foley!

I just go up there and whatever comes out of my mouth comes out of my mouth. There have been times I went up there and I only told one or two stories but there was so much other stuff going on in the room after reading the crowd. I find stuff to work with and I just go with it. I just do it and I have a blast. On the strangest questions fans have asked him at his shows and the most bizarre thing that has ever happened with his snake:. Stupid shit. You know, there was a girl who, um, had sex with my snake, so… That was pretty bizarre.

I felt sorry for the snake! On traveling down the road and almost losing his life with Hacksaw Jim Duggan driving:. I looked [over my shoulder] and I see that the snake had gotten out of the bag in the backseat and crawled underneath the seat and wrapped around the damn brake and gas pedal. We were just frozen! Hacksaw went to hit on the gas pedal and the snake kind of opened its mouth and went after him! Jim just kind of bailed out and jumped into the backseat. We wound up pulling over, untying the snake, getting it in the bag, throwing it back in the car and we took off.

Not long later we were pulled over by a cop. Evidentally, we had pulled over in front of a restaurant and they were watching us fight this snake from inside the restaurant and we just threw it in the bag and took off down the road. We had never even seen the people in the restaurant. That had to be a pretty wild sight for them.

You can keep up with all the latest dates on his Twitter or Facebook page. Former radio host and highly sought-after voice actor Beau Becraft offers an all-encompassing podcast with the Beaucephus Broadcast, featuring personal commentary on current happenings in pop culture and beyond. A highly entertaining listen — Be sure to follow on Facebook , find it on your favorite podcast app, and subscribe! The Rock vs. Rick Rude — More Than Ravishing. My Friend, Harley Race. Stories Beyond His Grit and Determination.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan Says He Was Sandbagged by Steve Austin in His WCW Debut

You hear things in the world of wrestling where the wrestlers don't do the right thing in terms of putting a guy over. It can be for a variety of reasons. They don't like the other talent, want to protect there spot. The list goes on and on.


Jake The Snake Roberts – ‘Hacksaw Jim Duggan Almost Got Me Killed!’

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America’s Tough Guy and WWE Super Star ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan is Professional Wrestling Icon

Jim Duggan is a nurseryman, plant collector, and garden designer, who gardens in Southern California and Maui. Hacksaw : The Jim Duggan Story. Jim Duggan , Scott E. Offering professional wrestling fans a ringside seat into his adventurous life, WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Jim Duggan recounts for the first time key moments and legendary bouts both inside and outside the ring. Known to millions of enthusiasts as a charismatic patriot with an American flag in his right hand and his signature two-by-four in his left Duggan here reflects on his early life as a student-athlete on the Southern Methodist University football squad. Drafted by the Atlanta Falcons, Duggan shares how an injury-plagued rookie season curtailed his football ambitions and paved the way for a brighter career in professional wrestling. Rising to fame in the Cold War era s, Duggan immediately put himself at odds with anti-American heels and engaged in legendary feuds with some of the most legendary names in the sport, including the Iron Sheik, Nikolai Volkoff, and Andre the Giant.


Jim Duggan

James Edward Duggan Jr. He is signed to WWE on a Legends contract. His best-known character is that of an American patriot , which sees him use a 2x4 length of wood as a weapon, the battle cry "Hooo! Duggan grew up in Glens Falls, New York , where he became a star athlete in high school.

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