Thanks also to our faithful and loyal players who are about to lose dozens of characters to the beasts herein and to their GMs. Together we can make the Iron Kingdoms a little more deadly and even more fun. Privateer Press NE 16th St. This book is printed under the copyright laws of the United States of America. First printing: April

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Thanks also to our faithful and loyal players who are about to lose dozens of characters to the beasts herein and to their GMs. Together we can make the Iron Kingdoms a little more deadly and even more fun. Privateer Press NE 16th St. This book is printed under the copyright laws of the United States of America. First printing: April Printed in China. All rights reserved. This book is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual people, places, or events is purely coincidental.

No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in any retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any other means electronic, mechanical, photocopied, recorded, or otherwise without prior written permission unless such a reproduction is for personal use only or as permitted by 17 USC - Copies for personal use must maintain all copyrights, trademarks, or other notices contained herein.

The Infernal Executor sees you when youre sleeping. He knows when youre awake. He knows if youve violated these copyrights, and he will automatically mark your soul for collection. Oh, and the secret monster of the day is Rhinodon. This product is compatible with the 3rd edition and revised 3rd edition rules under the open gaming license. Table of Contents Ancestral Guardian. Foreword The plan to give birth to the second volume of the critically-acclaimed Monsternomicon came years before I had the honor to join the excellent team of writers, editors, and creative minds at Privateer Press.

Without their experience, patience, and guidance this book would never have survived its brutal adolescence to transform into the uncompromising beast it is today.

A glorious hybrid of monster book and campaign guide, this book owes much to its predecessor in style and format and of course to the indomitable character of Professor Viktor Pendrake.

For those of you new to these books, you can read more about Professor Pendrake on p. Many of the characters introduced in the first volume make an appearance here, including associate professors Lynus Wesselbaum and Edrea Lloryrr. Not to be missed are the tales of Alten Ashley, western Immorens foremost monster hunter, nor the experiences of Bloodstone Marches expert and guide Quimut. This tome is dedicated to all those who were disappointed when their mothers told them there were no such thing as monsters.

The entries in this book are slightly different in format from the previous volume. In particular the first line of the monster stats provides a one or two letter abbreviated alignment followed by the creatures size, type, and challenge rating in a condensed format. Two new entries have been added as well. Senses provides information on a creatures sight and bonuses to Spot and Listen skills. Lastly, in order to condense the monster stats and provide more room for descriptive text, when a stat is not applicable such as having no Advancement the line has been removed from the statistics.

Unlike the previous Monsternomicon, a number of events have led to Professor Pendrake venturing into previously unexplored territories. Before undertaking his career as an explorer or earning appointment as Chancellor of Extraordinary Zoology at Corvis University, Professor Viktor Pendrake served as a scout in the Cygnaran Army. After Corvis experienced a near catastrophic invasion by the skorne in AR and a renewed invasion in AR, Professor Pendrake felt it was his patriotic duty to become a scout once again.

He ventured into the Bloodstone Marches to investigate the scope of this threat alongside his trusty Idrian guide Quimut, a man of proven familiarity with the wind-swept wasteland. The good professors efforts were cut short after violent clashes with the invaders. Quimut was nearly cut in twain by the tremendous blade of a cyclops warrior from the east.

Pendrake left Quimut in the care of friendly trollkin and followed the skorne unaware that doing so would change his destiny. The skorne discovered their pursuer and captured him. Pendrake was thrown in a cage after being dealt grievous injury at the powerful hands of a titan.

Pendrake was dragged east to a massive fortress bridging the Abyss controlled by none other than Vinter Raelthorne IV, former king of Cygnar and now supreme tyrant of the Skorne Empire. Raelthorne offered Professor Pendrake a simple choice: venture into the east to chronicle Vinters greatness or face immediate execution.

The threat of death notwithstanding, Pendrake knew he had been handed a singular opportunity. No scholarly man had gone into eastern Immorenhalf of the continent remained unexplored. He knew he must seize the chance to see creatures undreamt of in the west. Pendrake was joined in his explorations by a skorne watcher named Kaleda who was tasked with both keeping him safe and on a short leash.

The full extent of Pendrakes adventures in the east must remain a tale for another time, but he witnessed many sights and spectacles chronicled on the pages herein. He may not have expected to live to return west and publish his work, but fate conspired to bring friends and allies to his rescue. After a harrowing boat trip through the Shattered Spine Islands and crashing on the Alchiere Subcontinent, Pendrake at last returned to the hallowed halls of his university.

With him he brought a wealth of previously untapped lore and has shed new light on eastern Immoren and its dangerous species.

Many mysteries are yet to be explored and lie waiting beyond the next horizon for discovery by adventurers following in Professor Pendrakes esteemed footsteps. Periodically, however, I observed these great, armed statues chiseled of black stone, most of them set with what looked like orbs of glass stained blood red.

My keepers told me these contained the essence of skorne ancestors, a fact I took as symbolic until I saw one begin to move! This statue had stood near an archway and I watched as it suddenly came to life and advanced up the street with stoic deliberation.

The skorne on the street cleared, bowing as they backed away, treating it as one might a lord or noble in the west. I could never pass another of these statues without feeling an itch of paranoia, wondering if some ancient restless spirit within looked upon me, deciding whether or not I should live.

According to Kaleda, when I could get her to say more than barking simple commands, these guardians serve a variety of roles among the skorne. They do not place every exalted ancestor preserved for posterity in a sacral stone into one of these guardians. They reserve this honor for certain warriors who died in battle and retain a keen awareness of the living world after they transform into their deathless state.

They stand guard over the estates of major skorne houses, usually protecting a houses store of crystallized sacral stones that contain other notable ancestors deemed worthy of preservation. Some guard other treasures or lore of a house, such as the occult libraries of their mortitheurges or significant ancient records preserved as house secrets.

Their most respected use is to accompany the warriors of a house into battle, and by their presence pre-. The Void is, as far as I understand, the dreaded afterlife of oblivion awaiting most skorne, and their fear of it far exceeds any western unease regarding Urcaen.

A controlling sacral stone rests within the sculpted head of each ancestral guardian and contains the exalted spirit of the ancestor who animates it. Across its body lie other empty stones which have yet to receive the soul of a skorne.

In battle the guardian can reach across the battlefield to rescue the spirits of skorne as their flesh fails. From another people I would doubt such tales or consider this purely a religious abstraction, but Kaleda assured me of its literal truth. Those saved by a guardian the skorne call revered companions. Though not held in the same regard as the full exalted, skorne consider these spirits saved from the Void companions to their more ancient and notable ancestors.

Extollers supposedly can see these spirits with their mystic sight as the guardians gather them, a process invisible to the naked eye. I must admit I find it awe-inspiring to watch these impossibly massive stone statues stride to battle next to skorne whose chests swell with pride at the thought that they walk alongside one of their revered ancestors.

I have seen one of these constructs in battle. Faster than anything made of stone has a right to move, broad sweeping blows from the guardians massive stone halberd quickly felled an escaped cyclops driven mad by its conditioning.

Kaleda said the energy of those spirits a guardian preserves fuels its blows, a fact which, like most of what I have heard of skorne occultism, made me uncomfortable. Do they sip on souls as a man drinks tea? I sensed this.

Ancestral Guardian was an area where Kaleda would have no humor, so I resisted the urge to ask irreverent questions. Though my exposure to the ancestral guardians was fascinating while I was in the east, I must admit I view them in an altogether different light now that I am back in the west.

In my conversations with the monster hunter Alten Ashley, I have learned that these formidable animated statues are being seen wherever the skorne invaders march. Given the price of their construction, the fact that they have been included in the armies marching across the Bloodstone Desert is a reminder of the implacable resolve of the skorne to subjugate our species. One rumor I am anxious to confirm is a report that some witnesses have seen entire ranks of animated statue soldiers marching together and fighting en masse.

If that is the case, I think such statue soldiers must be of a distinctly different type of entity and may function differently. Certainly, I am assured the stalwart defenders of Cygnars eastern border are likely to become all too familiar with the sight of well-armed guardians and other skorne horrors marching against them.

Any lore we can discover regarding their vulnerabilities will save countless lives in the grim days ahead. An ancestral guardian boasts the experience and prowess of a long-dead skorne warrior. All ancestral guardians are formidable opponents, but those containing the souls of particularly ancient ancestors often have a broader array of powers and abilities than those of the more recently exalted.

All ancestral guardians have the following: Heavy Step: An ancestral guardian can only run at triple its speed. Spirit Pool Su : Aside from the dominant spirit that animates the construct, guardians rely on the crystallized essences of other skorne spirits held within their forms.

Each these spirits contributes to a spirit pool from which the guardian can power a variety of abilities. An ancestral guardian will have a number of points equal to 1d3 x hit dice in its spirit pool when encountered. An ancestral guardian may have a maximum of hit dice x 4 points in its spirit pool.

Using this pool does not destroy the souls, but it does temporarily exhaust them. Points return at a rate of 1 per day. Ancestral guardians of 9 hit die typically have 18 points in their spirit pool when encountered. Gather Spirit Su : Any allied skorne dying within 60 feet of a guardian has its soul drawn into the guardian and its essence added to the spirit pool. Each soul adds a number of points to the spirit pool equal to the hit dice of the fallen skorne.

A soul must be gathered in its entirety. If adding these points exceeds the ancestral guardians maximum spirit pool, that soul cannot be gathered. Spirit Driven Su : A skorne ancestral guardians spirit pool fuels not just its special abilities, but also its ability to animate itself.

Should an ancestral guardian deplete its spirit pool it weakens to a point that it can do nothing more than take a single move. Ancestral Guardian action per round.


Iron Kingdoms Monsternomicon Vol. II by Azamor

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Monsternomicon #2 - The Iron Kingdoms and Beyond

Gift Certificates fnord23 Contact Us. Our phone lines are currently down, please use our other Contact info right now. If there is one lesson you will learn from this book, it is that you were never safe cowering behind lock and key. The shadows bumping in the night have grown long and bold. They openly stalk even the bravest men of the kingdoms. An ignorant man is a dead man, and sometimes it takes more than just a bigger gun.


Iron Kingdoms Monsternomicon

If there is one lesson you will learn from this book, it is that you were never safe cowering behind lock and key. The shadows bumping in the night have grown long and bold. They openly stalk even the bravest men of the kingdoms. An ignorant man is a dead man, and sometimes it takes more than just a bigger gun. Arm yourself with knowledge, and buy my book!

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