Man is humbled by the uncertainty of what he can know, but still has the itch to gain absolute knowledge, often with tragic consequences. Check out what's streaming this month. See the full list. Title: The Ascent of Man Sir Kenneth Clarke guides us through the ages exploring the glorious rise of civilisation in western man.

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A new paperback edition of Dr Bronowski's classic history of humankind, with a foreword by Richard Dawkins. Dr Jacob Bronowksi's The Ascent of Man traces the development of human society through our understanding of science. First published in to accompany the groundbreaking BBC television series, it is considered one of the first works of 'popular science', illuminating the historical and social context of scientific development for a generation of readers.

In his highly accessible style, Dr Bronowski discusses human invention from the flint tool to geometry, agriculture to genetics, and from alchemy to the theory of relativity, showing how they all are expressions of our ability to understand and control nature. In this new paperback edition, The Ascent of Man inspires, influences and informs as profoundly as ever.

Jacob Bronowski. Dr Jacob Bronowski was born in Poland in and died in His family settled in Britain and he was educated at Cambridge University. He was distinguished not only as a scientist but also as the author of books and broadcasts on the arts, and was an honorary Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge. Our Lists. Buy from…. View all online retailers. A new paperback edition of Dr Bronowski's classic history of humankind, with a foreword by Richard Dawkins Dr Jacob Bronowksi's The Ascent of Man traces the development of human society through our understanding of science.

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The Ascent of Man

The first episode of The Ascent of Man was broadcast on 5 May The part series, written and presented by Jacob Bronowski - was one of the landmarks of documentary television. The Ascent of Man was presented as a personal view of humanity's scientific achievement, exploring science, as Civilisation had explored art. Bronowski told the story thematically, with different programmes concentrating on subjects such as chemistry, agriculture or astronomy. His ability to explain complex ideas made him a winning television personality. Science is creative, not a mere mechanical practice".


History of the BBC

The Ascent of Man is a part British documentary television series produced by the BBC and Time-Life Films first broadcast in ; it was written and presented by British mathematician and historian of science Jacob Bronowski. Intended as a series of "personal view" documentaries in the manner of Kenneth Clark 's series Civilisation , the series received acclaim for Bronowski's highly informed but eloquently simple analysis, his long, elegant monologues and its extensive location shoots. The title alludes to The Descent of Man , Darwin 's second book on evolution. Over the series' 13 episodes, Bronowski travelled around the world in order to trace the development of human society through its understanding of science. It was commissioned specifically to complement Kenneth Clark 's Civilisation , in which Clark argued that art reflected and was informed by the major driving forces in cultural evolution. Bronowski wrote in his book The Commonsense of Science : "It has been one of the most destructive modern prejudices that art and science are different and somehow incompatible interests". Both series were commissioned by David Attenborough , then controller of BBC Two , whose colleague Aubrey Singer had been astonished by Attenborough prioritising an arts series given his science background.

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