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Jun 9, Documentation of failed prophecies, doctrinal flip-flops, and bizarre teachings weakens confidence in the Watchtower organization and forces Witnesses to reexamine their faith. The new Proclaimers book, as JWs refer to it, is designed to protect them from such assaults.

But why would the Watchtower Society want to expose Witnesses to the very material opposers confront them with? Evidently, for the same reason doctors expose people to flu vaccine — immunization. Vaccine introduces a weakened virus and allows the immune system to develop antibodies under nonthreatening circumstances; similarly, Proclaimers introduces damaging information in muted form.

It sugarcoats some embarrassing episodes with euphemistic language. The Watchtower Society taught for decades that these were the secular governments; then during the ss it identified them as Jehovah God and Jesus Christ; finally in it decided once again that they were secular governments. In the process it can alter facts in a manner that would have been impossible had the story been kept within its chronological framework.

In actuality, it was the other way around. Besides rewriting history and doing cosmetic restoration on skeletons in the Watchtower closet, Proclaimers actually does reveal more about the organization than any prior Watchtower publication. Notably, it departs from recent custom to provide extensive photographic coverage of past and present leadership — including individual color portraits of Governing Body members It also devotes 50 of its pages to photos of factory and office facilities around the world.

It was obviously forged as a powerful defensive weapon. And it will certainly strengthen the Watchtower fortress. But it can also be turned against its owner. First, it can be used to show a JW that certain things actually did happen. Thank you for your help. Like what you're reading?

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Jehovah's Witnesses Proclaimers of God's Kingdom



File:1993 jv-E Jehovah's Witnesses Proclaimers of God's Kingdom (2).pdf


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