We'd like to understand how you use our websites in order to improve them. Register your interest. Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik describes himself as a member of a neomedieval, underground paramilitary group known as the Knights Templar. On 22 July , at p.

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By Raf Sanchez. The Templar were founded around and swore to protect Christian pilgrims journeying to the Holy Land. From its two founders, Hugues de Payens and Godfrey de Saint-Omer, the order grew rapidly and soon came to be seen as among the most skilled of the European forces struggling to reclaim Jerusalem from the Arabs.

The Templar were instantly recognisable from the blood red crosses that adorned their white tunics, a symbol Breivik adopted and put on the front page of his " A European Declaration of Independence". The cross also appears on several of the apparently home-made uniforms he was pictured in on his Facebook page. The knights took part in several major victories against Saladin, the leader of the Muslim forces, but by the midth century the Crusades were beginning to turn decisively against the Europeans.

Norway killer: Brown, Blair and Prince Charles 'targets'. We can no longer ignore the threat from extreme-right groups. Breivik had no time for girlfriends but saved money for prostitutes. Norway killer wants to wear uniform at court. Many congregated in France, where there presence was seen as a growing threat to King Philip the Fair, both because of their arms and the deep debts the king owed the order after his expensive wars with England.

He was aided by Pope Clement who issued a papal bull instructing all of Christendom's monarchs to move against the order and by it was officially disbanded. Rumours of surviving Templar have abounded, often accompanied by claims that the knights were holding a secret that could destory the Catholic church if it were ever revealed. Today, the Templar are a potent symbol for far-right extremists of a pure and holy group of warriors who were betrayed by the corrupt order they fought to defend.

France news. German news. Italy news. Spanish news. Russian news. European Union. Terms and Conditions. Style Book. Weather Forecast. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Friday 05 June Norway killer: who were the Knights Templar? Anders Behring Breivik's rambling 1, page manifesto is replete with reference to the Knights Templar, a medieval Christian military order. Breivik used Templar imagery in his European Declaration of Independence.

Related Articles. By , the Templar had been forced out of the Holy Land and most returned to western Europe.

In , the king struck and dozens of Templar were rounded up, tortured and executed. In Norway. Top news galleries. Telegraph on Facebook. More from the web.


What did the Oslo killer want?

Police sources told Norwegian media that Anders Behring Breivik, whose attacks on Friday claimed at least 92 lives, had confessed to posting it on YouTube hours before he set out on his killing spree. The video emerged on Saturday night. It was soon removed from YouTube, but remains available on twitvid. The tidal wave will cleanse Western Europe of cultural Marxism and will result in the banishment of Islam for the third time. Norway killer's London plot to 'seize power' in Europe. Norway bombing: Oslo struggles to make sense of the carnage.


Knights Templar Europe: Fact or fiction?

At a secret location in London in April , nine far-right extremists gathered together to form "The Knights Templar Europe", a small pan-European group which pledged to seize political power and drive Islam from the continent. Nine years later, one of those at the meeting caused the sort of carnage the group had discussed as being an essential part of their campaign; the bombing and shooting rampage that killed at least 76 people in Norway on Friday. At least that is the version of events recorded in the 1,page manifesto penned by Anders Behring Breivik, the man who has admitted to carrying out the attacks. Security services across Europe are trying to figure out whether he really was part of a wider, right-wing organisation plotting atrocities, or a "lone wolf" fantasist. Experts say there is no evidence to suggest the Knights Templar Europe exist or actually met in London, but warn it would be wrong to discount it entirely. In his manifesto " A European Declaration of Independence", Breivik says the Knights Templar, a monastic military order formed in the early 12th century by veterans of the First Crusade which captured Jerusalem, were re-founded to fight against the "ongoing European Jihad".

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