Your source for Panasonic phone systems for over 30 years! Printable Version. View detailed images 3. Add to cart. Ask a question about this product. The phone system is expandable to 8 COs and 24 wired extension ports 28 by parallel connecting 4 analog stations to the hybrid card and 28 wireless handsets.

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Add Protection Plan More Info. All logos displayed are registered trademarks with their respective organizations. For customers with special needs, we have provided a customer support phone number reachable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, days a year: Phone Finder Shop by Brand.

This dynamic addition provides a new level of clear wireless system communications with expanded area coverage unheard of in a system of this size and price. In terms of capacity, this system can be configured with a maximum of 8 CO lines and up to 24 wired and 28 wireless extensions. A modular design combined with PC programming makes installation fast and easy.

And any additional maintenance can easily be performed off premises by the installer with the optional remote card. These applications include one-click dialing, video conferencing, incoming call routing and more. Extensions: With extensions an office can run several devices, such as fax machines and modems, off just one dedicated phone line.

Hybrid: A phone that is hybrid is a mix between key systems and PBX systems. Over the years the differences between these 2 types have dwindled and so the benefits of both have been combined — the term hybrid signifies the grouping. Key Systems: Designed for small office environments, a key telephone system can support up to 40 employees. They cost less than PBX systems, but offer many of the same features as well as features that are catered to small offices applications.

Lines: This refers to the number of telephone lines coming into your business telephone system. Lines are also known as trunks. These systems are very flexible and can be customized to your specific office needs.

The investment is greater than with key systems, but the extensive PBX upgrade options allow you to easily extend the life of your system.

Ports: The number of ports dictates how many connections a phone system can handle, a term most commonly associated with PBX. This includes total number of incoming lines and extensions available. VoIP voice over internet protocol : Unlike regular telephones that utilize landlines, a VoIP phone requires high speed internet connection to make and receive calls. No Thanks.


Panasonic KX-TAW848

Panasonic KX-TAW phone systems combines versatile wired telephone system features with the expanded functionality of advanced multi-cell wireless technology to meet the needs of today's upscale residential, SOHO and small business environments. Central Office lines and 24 KX-T series proprietary telephones or 20 KX-T series wired extensions and 28 wireless extensions for a total of 48 extensions. This phone system offers a modular design combined with PC programming making installation fast and simple. Whether your telephone needs call for a wireless Panasonic phone system, a wired phone system or both, the KX-TAW offers the latest technology and extraordinary flexibility at a surprising cost. You may continue to scroll down for more TAW product related parts and info. Talk to a representative for the best deal on the planet. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.


Panasonic kx-taw848 User Guide



Panasonic KX-TAW848 System


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