Quick Links. Download this manual. Before beginning assembly, please read these instructions thoroughly! The product you have purchased is powered by a rechargeable battery. The battery is recyclable. Check with your local solid waste officials for details.

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Join our mailing list! Unassembled Kit. Drivers all over the world have praised the improved steering and more predictable handling of the new car.

With more mid-conner bite than ever before as well as improved jump handeling. The improvement comes with a list of changes to the Lazer:.

Saddle Pack battery configuration and 10mm longer chassis moves the wieght in the chassis forward for improved steering as well as stability. New chassis layout positions the motor and gears far forward in the car. This has proven to be the optimal position of mass and balance for improved steering and stability.

Newly designed front suspension mainly from the Lazer ZX-5 SP consisting of revised knuckles, hubs and lower control arms improves overall control angles. Revised front and rear bulkheads lower overall CG Center of Gravity. Newly designed shock tower mounts are stronger and look much beefier than the original ZX-5's. These add some hight for the lowered bulkheads to keep the Lazer's long suspension travel. Revised rear shock body length 38mm as well as Blue 68 rear springs and light yellow front springs A newly developed Wind tunnel tested body tops it all off!

Yes you can there are several things that usually need to be changed depending on the height of the pack. You can use some spacers under the battery posts to give the correct height and use the stock battery holder on the flat side. This is similar to what you needed to do with the old Lazer to fit Lipos. This is very simple to do. Generational shift with the new chassis design will leave expert drivers breathless as it generates more speed than ever before!

This model is based on the FS conversion kit and not the SP competition kit held in high regard by many competition drivers. The new layout features a 10mm longer wheelbase and the motor and spur gear are positioned as far forward as possible. This combines with the 3 by 3 battery layout to produce optimal weight distribution and results in ideal surface pressure to the tires for effective traction and sure-footed turning.

The position of the motor and spur gear uses the normal reverse rotation of the propeller shaft to control counter torque. About Us. Become an Affiliate. Privacy Policy. Send Us Feedback. All Rights Reserved. Built with Volusion. Setup Sheets.

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Kyosho Lazer Zx 5 Fs Manual



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