A powerful global conversation has begun. Through the Internet, people are discovering and inventing new ways to share relevant knowledge with blinding speed. As a direct result, markets are getting smarter, These markets are conversations.

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The TV had accustomed us to extroverts talents, people who move well in stressful environments, with lights, With public, with nerves of a direct.

I had always thought that leadership was reserved for extroverts. It was Swiss psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Gustav Jung who promoted the concepts of extroversion and introversion in their theories of personality. This means that the extrovert is interested in the other when engaging in social ties and predisposes his spirit for the relationship to flourish. On the other hand, introversion attitude is characterized by the concentration of interest in the internal processes of the individual.

In other words, introverted prefer quiet environments , easy, minimalist. Eye, not to be confused with embarrassing introverted. The shameful is one who constantly fears the negative judgments. Following the Manifiesto Cluetrain of markets are conversations , Internet opened to the collaborative network, to an environment that allows individuals and businesses to communicate fluently and transparency on equal terms, without hierarchies. The Web 2. They are introverts.

Its natural environment is the blog , the king of kings of social media. Also frequent some networks, but they are not very comfortable with Twitter too many people. Nor they are comfortable presenting your message in videos for YouTube. The blog, instead, allows them to communicate person to person, Comment Comment. I am often asked about whether or not to launch and maintain a blog: I'm a big supporter of this digital medium.

But I recommend it especially to all introverts have something interesting to say: They will move like fish in water. But the words mutate social uses, and the emergence in the world of business and professions of Anglo-Saxon concept personal branding -this is, brand commercial sense applied to the people- has given expression personal brand new meaning.

In Spain, more and more managers and business executives, and professionals from different disciplines, including master craftsmen, turn to agencies and experts to help them set up their own personal brand, which, in the best case, it will take to get a new job, advance your career or shine more in its scope.

Internet and social networks have become essential elements of that bet. The science of becoming a professional reference ed. Alienta and Personal brand.

How to become the preferred option ed. The first is self analysis, their beliefs, values, strengths and abilities, and the second is that brand communication, establishment of relations. And everything has to be looking for authenticity, no makeup or false appearances ". Mark -recalcan the experts is not a mere container; is confidence of others in that person or product, transmission is credibility.

Among the cases cited by the agencies consulted, There are some illustrative who they prefer not to be named. A steering Barca, for example, Consolidated employer in its sector, made abroad a refresher course for entrepreneurs. In that course he was awarded, so he grew his reputation as a "young entrepreneur", which paradoxically injured his profile entrepreneur and seated.

For reposition , He lectured in business schools, and thus he created a personal brand senior expert in business management. Another case: a Mexican journalist specializing in project management communication in his country wished to turn around his career. With the help of an expert in personal branding, redefined his: focus on communication projects in the field of women and work in Europe. The sessions were conducted via Skype and paid services by PayPal.

Internet tools are basic to create and transmit personal brand. Keeping a blog theme help the search engines favor , as well as having profiles LinkedIn and Facebook , and not neglect messages Twitter. The mere fact of having discharged a profile online is not enough, must interact. And the contacts are on the network, people you know, They make endorsement of that digital identity ".

Exchanging business cards at conferences and congresses still works, Just as the eye contact generates an empathy that does not give a photo, so it makes sense to combine both types of networking.

To define and direct the personal brand, Recolons and its partners and team practice system iceberg with a multidisciplinary approach: "The part of the iceberg that is not included self-knowledge and introspection, in the hands of a psychologist and a Coach , and product strategy, leading marketing specialist; while the visible part of the iceberg is the brand communication, of which an advertising deals, in this case ".

Its clients include: Masters students loaded, entrepreneurs and unemployed professionals or active. And, according Kazerounian, do not underestimate the classical concept image, understood in face mode. As well help position it's welcome.

The truth is that this should be the first step in building our Personal Branding : knowing where we are, a first diagnosis. The truth is surprising how much information you can gather about a person, and how well the information is classified. It comes to my mind's blog Ramon Espadaler , deputy of the Parliament of Catalonia.

In this case, expression refers to ineditado, new. And there for less. When you surf the blogs using labels or tags, very often you find the same article in 16 blogs, more or less personal dressing. Usually it is news that caught our attention and reproduce literally not going to be that adulteremos. Not a bad thing to echo the news, especially that we get more attention or which are related to our environment.

But in the midst of reproduction, we need to publish original content -unprecedented, as would Espadaler-. If we do not publish original content, our readers would not be our position clear. Why not, re-edit it is interesting, but it is even more when we. Creating content is, simply, a combination of data, skills and time. Nothing else is needed. Journalists know it well. Getting the data is not too difficult if you enroll in some Google alerts and read the press regularly.

The abilities skills, in English, it sounds better It is the most complicated part, since it depends on the grace having one to combine data, clothe them and raise them in an attractive way storytelling , and add new ideas. Finally, time. Time is often what prevents draw out a lot of talent. You have to take time from anywhere, time should never be an excuse for not writing.

If you have time to think, You have time to write. The writing serves the same for blogs and to Twitter. Twitter is widely used in the resource retweet something we like. If so, well done. Google It is one of the largest sources of knowledge. And not only for its search websites, as well as image search, blogs, Map, alerts… If you also have knowledge of English, expand your answers, since the sum razes.

Google will take you to Wikipedia, a YouTube, the millions of blogs in the world, social networks, online press, thematic websites…. I only see one but. And is that many of us we do not know properly use Google metabuscador. In the first case we have more than 1 million answers, most unrelated. In the second case we have just over 3. Try it with your name or your company. This has changed, Let's not fool ourselves.

Before we could get information from magazines sector, seminars, meetings, conferences. Then, with the emergence of web 1. The arrival of web 2. But today, without a doubt, the largest source of knowledge outside schools and universities are blogs.

The blog short for web log or log born in and now it has a community of millions of Internet users on the network. But the issue is how do you know which blogs that interest me are for my industry? There are several ways, but the best Google search blogs and put the keywords or tags.

Blog image by Shutterstock. Everything goes well until a recession tremble for not having been able to adapt to changes. Focus visionary It is feared by banks. It is very stable people that risks own money and that of others in a project, at the moment, no market. No matter what guarantees there is behind the project and the preparation of its entrepreneurs. Banks play it safe. The entrepreneur visionary must break many barriers before break through and launch your business.

The first is financial, but for more. But if you exceed this phase, the visionary has succeeded in creating one of the best bargains you can think.

Who follows her gets her. An interesting example of visionaries is Power Balance , based on a bracelet with a MYLAR hologram in which a frequency has been stored from natural materials known for their beneficial effects to the body. Still they would be laughing at him. In America-particularly in California- everything is possible, and that the capital risk They did not hesitate to bet on the idea.

They matched and won. What happens to us every beginning of the year, or just after the summer? Which often took advantage of this circumstance to draw a Personal objectives. There are many types:. If you also want that these objectives are met, write them.


People of earth...

It was first posted to the web in as a set of ninety-five theses, and was published as a book in with the theses extended by seven essays. The work examines the impact of the Internet on marketing , claiming that conventional marketing techniques are rendered obsolete by the online "conversations" that consumers have and that companies need to join. A revised and extended version of the text appeared as a book under the title The Cluetrain Manifesto: The End of Business as Usual in In its central thesis that "markets are conversations", the work asserts that the Internet is unlike conventional media used in mass marketing as it enables conversations amongst consumers and between consumers and companies, which are claimed to transform traditional business practices. Technologies listed in the printed publication as conduits of such conversations include email, news groups, mailing lists, chat, and web pages.

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Sorry, there is no online preview for this file type. Following the Manifiesto Cluetrain from markets are conversations , Internet.. Whatever you may have heard, this is our world, our place to be. But face the facts: For instance, take prepositions: It just happens to be through different communication channels. The authors were not the ultra-hip, just-outta-college webheads I had imagined. Because the Internet is so technically efficient, it has also been adopted by companies seeking to become more productive. The End of Business as Usual.


The cluetrain manifesto pdf download

The Cluetrain Manifesto actualy started the Revolution in the field of modern marketing and business in general. Because more important than any one commitment in this manifesto is the spirit in which we make them. The Moneyless Manifesto Download. Book Description. User Guide PDF files on the internet quickly and easily. Citations are based on reference standards. Hacker' the cluetrain manifesto pdf download s Manifesto Pdf.

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