Quick Links. Download this manual. Gigaset Communications GmbH is the legal successor to. Any statements made by Siemens AG or.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Gigaset Communications GmbH is the legal successor to. Any statements made by Siemens AG or. SHC that are found in the user guides should therefore be. Siemens AG. Eventuali dichiarazioni della Siemens AG o.

Le auguriamo tanta soddisfazione con il vostro Gigaset. Gigaset Communications GmbH is de rechtsopvolger van. Eventuele uitspraken. Las posibles declaraciones de la. KG SHC , que, por sua vez, deu continuidade ao sector. Quaisquer declara-.

Desejamos que tenham bons momentos com o seu Gigaset. KG SHC -yri-. AG:n Gigaset-liiketoimintaa. Toivotamme Teille paljon iloa Gigaset-laitteestanne. Eventuelle meddelelser fra Siemens AG eller. Gigaset Communications GmbH pravni je sljednik tvrtke. Nadamo se da sa zadovoljstvom koristite svoj Gigaset. Podjetje Gigaset Communications GmbH je pravni naslednik.

KG SHC , ki nadaljuje dejavnost znamke. Gigaset podjetja Siemens AG. Vse izjave podjetja Siemens. Table of Contents. Siemens operating instructions telephone giga 28 pages. The cordless digital dect telephone system expandable to 6 handsets 71 pages. Cordless Telephone Gigaset Gigaset Operating Instructions Manual The cordless digital dect telephone system for up to 6 mobile units with integrated answering machine 86 pages. Sxisdn, sxisdn, sxisdn, sxisdn, cxisdn, cxisdn pages. Base station, classic handset and comfort handset 35 pages.

Page 3 Be inspired Operating Instructions and safety precaution Page 4: Brief Overview Brief overview The display is protected by a plastic film. Remove the plastic film. Charging status Status LED flat Lights up during a call; full flashes for: flashes: Caution — incoming calls Display keys — new messages The display keys — Page 6: Safety Precautions Safety precautions Only use the power supply unit supplied as indicated on the underside of the device. Only insert approved rechargeable batteries of the same type.

Never use ordinary non- rechargeable batteries as they may pose a health hazard or cause injury. Page 8: Preparing The Handset Preparing the handset Delivery package Gigaset Comfort handset, two batteries, charg- ing unit, belt clip, operating instructions. Inserting the batteries automatic registration Make sure you insert the batteries the right way round — see diagram on the left.

Replace the cover and push gently upwards until it clicks into place. Charging is controlled electronically. This ensures optimum charging and prolongs battery life. The batteries heat up during charging. Page Setting The Date And Time Setting the date and time You need to set the date and time so that the time that messages and calls are received is shown correctly.

Select and confirm. If there is an in- coming call, the key lock is automatically deactivated and re-activated after the call has ended. If you make a mistake use the key to correct individual digits. Press the talk key. Press the end call key to end the call.

You can also press the talk key first and then enter the telephone number - each digit will be di- alled immediately. Press the talk key or handsfree key. To set the volume: Press the handsfree key u once more.

Raise or lower the volume. Save the volume level. Save Change from handsfree talking to the handset End the call. Forwarding an external call, enquiry call You can forward an external call to another handset or make an internal enquiry call.

Page 16 Automatic redial This function is not available in all countries. The handsfree key flashes and open listening is acti- vated. The function is deactivated after ten unsuc- cessful call attempts or if a call was made in the meantime. Press or any key if the person you called is not avail- able. Page Directory And Network Access List Directory and network access list With the directory you can store up to tele- phone numbers and then dial them at the push of a button.

You can save the prefixes Call-by-Call of telephone companies in the network access list. Select the menu item and Display Number confirm. Enter the telephone number of the person you want to call. Select the telephone number in directory and confirm. Select the entry you want. View View all the information for the entry.

Change Open the input field and make the necessary changes. Change the number if necessary. Go to the name field and change the name. Page 21 Copying a further entry: Press.

Select the required number. Copy Initiate the copy process. Transmission is interrupted: if the memory of the receiving handset is full the last entry is displayed on the sending handset.

Page 22 Entering anniversaries birthdays and so on You can store the date and time of anniversaries so you can be reminded of them. Open the directory. View Select and display the entry. Change Open the input field. Page Settings Settings Setting the alarm clock You can use your handset as an alarm clock. Press any key to turn it off. Setting an appointment Your handset is able to remind you of one appoint- ment. Page Handset And Loudspeaker Volume Missed appointments and anniversaries An appointment and anniversaries that have been sig- nalled on the handset but not been accepted are saved in a list.

Select the menu item and Sound Settings confirm. You will hear the current Ringer Settings ringer volume and its level will be displayed. Battery low beep: The battery must be recharged. Page Resetting To The Factory Defaults Resetting to the factory defaults The directory, the network access list and the caller list are not deleted when you reset the handset. Reg- istration at the base station is not affected. Select the menu item and Add. Features confirm. Select the menu item and Room Monitor.

Select Scroll forward one line. Change Open the entry field for the tele- phone number. Delete an existing external num- ber with Delete an existing internal num- ber with Page Walk And Talk Mode Walk and Talk mode This function enables handsets Gigaset Com- fort only to communicate free of charge outside the range of the base station.

In Walk and Talk mode, handsets are not available for incoming calls. Requirements: The handsets must have the same base settings e. Never use a dry cloth as this can cause static discharge. Page Guarantee G Any further claims are excluded. Siemens is not liable in any circum- stances for downtime, loss of profits, loss of data or loss of any other information.


Siemens Gigaset 4000

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The term "DECT" is often confusing — not everyone gets to grips with it straight away. But you have probably already held a DECT device in your hand without even knowing it. In this article, we provide a simple explanation of what DECT is and how it works. As the market leader for cordless telephones in Europe, Gigaset also offers you additional detailed knowledge that will help you become an expert.


DECT – everything you need to know at a glance


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