PEAT methods are methods developed by Mr. Slavinski, a great thinker and innovator in the field of human consciousness. His work in this field has lasted more than 60 years and includes many methods and techniques for solving the intellectual, emotional and spiritual problems. As everything is constantly changing and improving, today we have a whole range of advanced methods which are very fast, efficient, cheap and very safe. With PEAT methods we can solve various problems in minutes such as: Worry, Anxiety, Panic and anger attacks, Compulsion, Obsessions, Sorrow, Some physical pains and disorders Severe phobias such as: Fear of flying Spiders, Snakes, Needles, Elevators, Public appearances to unknown people How to remove the most severe traumas of life, Lack of self-confidence and self-respect Shyness Constant postponing of obligations and activities Problems with learning and studying Withdrawal from people Aggression towards them.

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It is an extremely effective tool for depotentiating and neutralizing emotional charge. For what we are doing is activating the primary energies associated with a problem and integrating them.

The processes integrate psycho-emotional opposites that keep us trapped in the experience of duality, the pain of attraction and aversion rather than the harmony of Oneness. With PEAT, we lightly stimulate acupressure points while focusing on the polarized energetic tension to aid in psycho-emotional release. These tethered tensions serve as barriers to our natural state of spiritual freedom and oneness, the real self, which is our birthright.

PEAT differs from other meridian based therapies in that we have the goal and the means to achieve that goal of the integration of opposites. While we find significant decreases in reactivity, integration also results in notable expansions in compassion, awareness of self and others, non-attachment and present focused attention.

PEAT is a collection of safe and powerful practices that can transform your life. After training with Zivorad a number of years, I developed and began to teach Acceptance and Integration Training. Curate Your State Notification List. Counselor Clergy Coach Other. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


Peat : Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence and the Neutralization of Polarities

For example:. America is the mecca of seminars and educational programs. Greatest hidden personal transformation method finally revealed. It saves you time and money. Attendees who choose to save time and serious money on years of therapy sessions. They utilize the workshops to neutralize their major issues of personal choice. And they experience an immediate shift in their perception and feelings.


Peat: Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence and the Neutralization of Polarities

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