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FAIT etrange, paradoxal, dapparence absurde, mais enfin qu, on et force dadmettre, powiada Richet. Prorok nie ma metody, nie oblicza, nie rozumuje.

Malachiasza biskupa i mnicha irlandzkiego ur. Korzenieckiego w Wilnie w r. W r. W okolicy tej. Maryji Pannie. Tu mundo nascenti puero quo ferrea primum, Desintet ac toto surget gens aura mundo Casta fcwe Licina, tuus jam regnat Apollo. O felix illa Mater cujus ubera illum lactabunt! Pisze Klemens Aleksandrimus lib. Wierszy jak pisze Tacitus lib. But history is full of them, a prophet of the future was practiced in all countries, in all religions.

Volume III is a chapter in which Panurge visited an astrologer and bode Her Trepp, to know when the wedding will be carrying horns? Her Treppa lists him seventy types of divination, named after the Greek beautifully that it satisfied conclusively that his horns, the judgments are inevitably destined fate. In thousands of cases the facts of clairvoyance in the space of time has been established scientifically.

Prophecies exist. Prophecies — of course, the question may be taken only accurate predictions, facts, facts very rare, but the facts. We can not explain them.

It is impossible to discuss this here, let us follow the example of positivist Richet, who says he does not want to engage in vain speculation and build vague theory, but sticks to the facts closely. The fact is that there are premonicje, premonitions, omens, prophecies. While rare, and it seems, are difficult to achieve predictions weird , ordinates the overall significance of the events, political events of great importance. Everything in life, and therefore also the story takes place cyclically, has a rhythm that need to detect, and then you can anticipate and predict the future.

Periodicity of all life processes declared first Wilhelm Hiesse Berlin , demonstrating male periods, including periods of 23 days and female 28dniowe. Professor at the University of Vienna Dr. In turn, the system specifically developed to calculate the course of history announced immediately after the war Frederick Reichenbach-Stromer. And already in , announced Dr. And you can, says Kemmerich, having established periods of periodic fluctuations in the country, calculate future events and historical development.

Readers may be interested picture of the future of Germany, which, on the basis of his method, Dr. Please keep this in mind at the date of issue pamphlet published in , ie less than two years after the Treaty of Versailles and two years before the first occurrence of Hitler.

On pages 17, 26 of this brochure reads as follows:. Completion of the falls on the years and , ie. From now on only begin a period of a German restaurant. Like the English Revolution had its beginnings in Munich, Bavaria as history shows significant analogies with the history of Scotland, like the Czech Republic with Ireland.

The prophet there is no method, no face, no reasons. Prophecy is a very complicated mental act and evaluating them, you have many moments to take into consideration.

Usually it is not a prophecy in the strict dates. It casts a fleeting flashes of light in a dark future, and accurately transmit specific details often fantastic movie images.

After this lengthy digression, we return to the set and confirmed at the outset the question: Are there real — prophecies and predictions? Neither the size of the book, nor its premise — does not allow you to examine historical material here, starting from the famous Hebrew prophets, from the oracle at Delphi and the Italic Sibyl.

We can not dwell on a thousand prophecies of mostly medieval astrological character: history recorded a lot of interesting prophecies of modern times, which still remained in the memory, they are often quoted and commented or not and probably have some impact even today. Malachi Irish bishop and a monk b. Prophecy Popes lists all of the twelfth century onwards until the th to which the ends papacy.

All Popes are characterized as a kind of motto. Sometimes also cited St. Andrew Bobola, rather the vision of a saintly Dominican O.

Korzenieckiego in Vilnius in the year. It is interesting to continue Franciscan prophecy, allegedly from But actually from a later time. Numerous towns and villages will be destroyed, bloody revolution will destroy half the population. The Imperial family, all nobles and clergy part of the die.

In St. Petersburg and Moscow they will lie dead for a long time buried in the streets. I must admit that in these strange prophecies that not only in but in had to seem unbelievable, indeed, insane. All of Europe flowed streams of blood, killed all the nobles in Russia, broke the old Austrian monarchy, German countries joined Austria to Germany.

Fight with the crescent and the expulsion of the Turks from Europe, of course, have to be religious to the heart. The Turkish government sorely oppressed the Balkan Christians. It would also mention the so loud yore Mrs. As everywhere and always, when we are dealing with phenomena metapsychic, so here, in the field of prophecy, you have to use the method very critical, but without notice. The prophecies of the Queen of Sheba Michaldy reportedly come from the year before the birth of Christ the Lord.

With various translations and translations predictions Michaldy appeared. A book mentioned above does not contain information about the author of the development is a pity, because it is quite decently developed, the content of the prophecy given in the original translation. In the year before Christ came to Jerusalem to King Solomon, whose fame extraordinary wisdom was known for miles around, the Queen of Sheba, Michalda. In the year , they were rewritten in English, then orally from generation to generation were stored and served.

We see it already in the year Translated into Czech, and in years prevalent in the Czech Republic. In Was written off further by Anthony Riss, later wrote back to them again in Jan Alsina.

The Queen of Sheba named Michalda woman prudent, wise, learned also about the wisdom of Solomon, and decided to visit it. In fact, she went on a trip to Jerusalem, taking with them a lot of subjects, and a countless number of riches and valuables.

Journey to Jerusalem had to take a long time, the road led by Egypt and sun-burnt, branch of the Red Sea and the vast Arabian deserts. After many hardships, trials and hardships, finally he arrived at Jerusalem, where it received great King Solomon. This happened in the year before the birth of Christ.

Joseph Claudius says in his book, and we can rely on his words, that the queen came Michalda party Negro, lying about miles from Jerusalem. The same Jewish Bible confirms that the sides of the Negro there was a long line of kings, wise and good.

Also is mentioned in the eighth chapter of Acts, that St. Philip began to preach and baptize faith in those pages. In the letter of St. At that time they were written and released, but it was only in the year after the Nativity of Christ were among the other magazines and books, and found written off into other languages. The Queen of Sheba knew well the letter of St. So going barefoot came to the creek Cydron, the Mount of Olives, and there knelt and kissed the sacred tree, after which he fell to the ground and lay three hours cross, kissing the ground, which later was to be the first place the Passion of Christ.

Arriving to the king talked with him a long time, because she saw that though his fame was great, but the wisdom of Solomon surpassed all that it happened hearsay. His wise king and a thoughtful speech, the king made a great impression on her. Then he told her to bring gifts that the power of the great and valuable aroused amazement, they weighed one hundred and twenty hundredweight, and were of pure gold and precious stones.

Some of them were simply invaluable when the nowhere, except the land of the Negro was not, and all of them could not even estimate. Solomon planted them in the garden called Eugada, near his palace. In return, it gave her great rooms and has provided all that befits such a powerful queen. The Queen of Sheba, in spite of that came from the land of the Negro, confessed one God worthy of worship and love.

She used to say that too often Solomon, He is God, the tree will be cross-stretched, and by his death will be killed and destroyed the Jewish kingdom. Speaking of the tree, she thought about it, which was on the Mount of Olives, and before that with great reverence and love the cross lay. The Queen is not indulging in the pleasures of the flesh and not caring about ordinary pleasures, she had soul and mind full of God, his size, and his teaching skills and vision of things to come derived from the stars, from which she could read.

Knowing to sensitize both mutual and deep friendship that Michalda queen remained in Jerusalem for nine months. Solomon learned the wisdom of the queen and the fact that he can see things in the future, turned to her to tell him something about the future. I will drop the terrible wrath of God upon your people for the fact that it will not keep the laws and commandments of God. And the holy land possess foreign people who bring other gods, but this people then come to this, that and believe their gods will not, and then there will be a complete godlessness.

Then will come new people that will afflict them cruelly, until the hard bondage be converted, know the true God, and then will turn his prayers and requests to Him. But the punishment of God will fall on him and reach a terrible revenge.

And perish among the kings, the kingdom will disappear from the face of the earth, and the temple built in honor of God, and the city will be razed to the ground. Know powerful and wise king, that this land, about Jerusalem is holy, because on it will be born the Messiah, and the people from the bondage of Satan save.

He was born near Jerusalem, and sacrifice his life for the people, teaching and preaching the true doctrine to him, but the people did not recognize him and his miracles and fear not, and crucify on the cross, giving him the most disgraceful death.


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