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I am experimenting with the functionality and am using this IC to fade a stereo audio signal left and right. In the library, rearRightVolume and rightVolume seem to change the volume of SR surround right above.

I cant seem to find how to change volume of FR front right. I have 2 PT and they do the same thing. Found the problem in the PT Works great now!

Can any help me please, I bought PT, and I am having problem with it program, I am using an arduino Uno, everything is hook up per data sheet, and I just can't get it to work. Thanks Jean. Hi, it's not possible to determine anything from your comments. Needs data to help. Well, when I verified the code this is the error message I was getting Arduino: 1. You are not using the library correctly. Unzip, then copy the PT folder containing PT Restart the Arduino IDE.

Then use the example: ptExampleWithControls. I wired this up on a breadboard per the circuit diagram, tried using 5v from arduino, also tried using 9v. Tried with and without 4. Nothing I'm doing will work. I always receive a return value of 2 NACK on transmit of address when calling the init method in your library. Any thoughts? Is a good project add in put source selection with relays. For aux. Source selection set. Sir can I possible to use pt H file burn to micro contrler.

Is hex file. Or library. Also, it would be great if you'll publish your library on github or other community-accessible resources to comment, fork and make it stable ;. Dear author, is there any schematic for the example provided with the PT library, with connections to LCD and Push buttons. It will be happy if you publish it. Can't add the library to Arduino ide. Please help me on adding the library to Arduino ide. Thanks in advance. Anyone know.? Pt or pt Most significant things to check: the external filter capacitors, they should not be a ceramic ones ,better to use something that used in the hi-fi devices.

So, please try to increase the power supply to 9v, all non-linear distortion should be removed. The PT is in common use in audio equipment around the world. However it hasn't been picked up by the Arduino community; most likely because of the lack of an available library. In the process of developing an internet radio around this chip and an MP3 decoder I created a library for the PT The PT is available from oddWires here.

The PT is an interesting chip and is very flexible for audio control. It's designed as a 5. Download it here: Library and Example.

It's very cost-effective if you use any of the chip amps oddWires has on the site. The features are shown below. In fact, much of the circuitry is repeated.

Then there are a set of RC circuits for shaping the treble, mid and bass response. You'll hook these up to pin 4 and 5 respectively on your controller board unless you have an Arduino Mega where the pins are 20 and The chip works from 5 to 15V DC.

I used the 9V supply used to power my Arduino. A regulated supply would be preferable. An example is supplied with the library. The example has additional functionality and shows how to use four buttons and a 16 x 2 LCD to display the current settings, change settings, mute etc. Unknown May 1, at PM. Unknown December 15, at PM. Unknown December 17, at AM.

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1PCS PT2322 DIP-28 The plug-in 6-Channel Audio Processor IC




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