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Started by Tue , 29 Apr Posted 9 Jul The water company charges 4 cents per unit, this firm doubled it to 8 cents.

Give the water company a call and check how much they are charging and compare that to the rate that you are being charged by your landlord. Through the Mieterbund we got our water charges down. Unfortunately, the local Stadtwerke won't share what they orginally charge per unit of gas, as they told us: the middle man firma increases the heating costs, so they don't give out that info. We and the Mieterbund are still working out the details, needless to say in almost 20 yrs renting, I have never had a heating bill so high.

Our optimal temp is Our landlord is truely having a laugh and I now live to smack it off his face. If anyone is interested in comparing their heating costs, here is a link to a 'Bundeswet Heizspiegel'. It's in german though. Edit: the link above is for the costs. Here is the link for all years, just scroll to the bottom for the pdf link:. Yeh, this practice is starting to be reported in the German media, read a long article about it in Berlin in one of the news weeklies recently sorry, can't remember which.

Lots of tenants complaining about it. It made me think of some of the threads here, presumably the cause is probably the same. This is why joining the Mieterbund is really important, if you are new to Germany, not familiar with the rules of renting and it's costs and your german isn't up to much, it's a really sound investment.

With the help of the Mieterbund, we got much of our nebenkosten reduced that it will pay for a few year's worth of membership! Posted 10 Jul My flat was seized by the receiver's office last year and auctioned off, my former landlord was apparently not totally honest.

AnswerToLife I don't have a bath every day; maybe x a year if I'm suffering from a cold. I don't own a washing machine, either. I use water from the tab to wash the dishes, water my plants, flush the toilet, wash my hands, brush my teeth and to have a shower once a day.

Theses activities seem fairly normal to me It is getting extremely expensive indeed. My parents in the UK have a bigger house, use more electric and pay only half of what we have to. Well the fact of the matter is you're using liters of hot water per day. A non-low-flow shower head flows something like liters per minute, and water from central hot water systems tends to be rather hot, so chances are you're mixing in some cold water as well. Basically you need to have the warm water running for min each day to go through liters.

Posted 11 Jul Calculate, how much water you used. I started to cut down on my household usage. That way I avoid leaving things on power standby, and instead just switch everything off in one fell swoop. I also take most of my re-chargeable handheld appliances onto the train and use the train's electricity instead. Better go and buy a water conserving shower head off Amazon. Maybe I should send male visitors home without allowing them to use my shower in the future? You should limit your guests to cold showers only.

That will also make them spend less time under it :. Posted 12 Jul Posted 22 Jul Glad you solved the mystery CandyQuackenbush. My mom and parents-in-law both have low flow, and well, I hate it. I end up spending twice as much time in the shower trying to get the conditioner out of my hair.

End up using just as much water. That equates to l per day. Now you found out that you only use 58l per day. Where do the other 82l per day go? Do you have "guests" who take extensive showers when your are not in? Quite a difference! Hopefully you'll see a difference in your bill as well! Thanks for sharing I think you're subsidising the other residents ;. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy!

Life in Germany. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Ah, so a negative increase then? I presume that's not a complaint? Will definitively look into this. And there is something wrong with meters; since I don't own a swimming pool. Compared my consumption to the whole house's consumption. How can families with up to two children consume less than I do?!? Take a 10l bucket and a preferably waterproof watch. In the shower measure how long it takes to fill the bucket. Take a shower and check with the watch how long you are showering.

If not, you should consider to ask you landlord to check the meters. AnswerToLife many thanks for your advice. Having a shower for 10 minutes sums up to l. Phew, I didn't expect such a high number CandyQuackenbush: Showering together saves a lot of warm water! I tried BobUK's suggestion out.

Less than the test with the bucket, but still shocking. Therefore I bought one of the water conserving shower heads on Amazon. So I'm quite pleased with the new shower head, although the water pressure is a bit low Fav Seinfled episode with the low flow:. Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 2 of 3. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

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