The guy was there arguing the science from day one on UseNet. He is also the author of www. More than anything else, Lyle is a science nerd; he is a science junkie. Just for example, the Ketogenic Diet had over references. The guy knows his shit.

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The guy was there arguing the science from day one on UseNet. He is also the author of www. More than anything else, Lyle is a science nerd; he is a science junkie. Just for example, the Ketogenic Diet had over references.

The guy knows his shit. His longevity in the nutrition game is proof-positive that he gets results for people who follow his methods. RFL is a protein-sparring fast. Researchers found that therapeutic starvation caused significant, quick weight loss. What an amazing revelation, eh? The big problem was a significant loss of bodily proteins.

Through diligent experimentation, they realized that, if you feed patients some protein, instead of merely starving them entirely, you got very similar weight loss rates without the massive protein loss read: muscle mass for us athletes.

You can google the Minnesota Study for more information about these types of experiments. In fact, RFL is a simple booklet that can be absorbed fully in one sitting. And, just to be clear, RFL is not aimed explicitly at performance athletes although they are addressed in several instances.

RFL is intended to be read by any lay person. Lyle will literally walk you through each and every step of setting up the diet to ensure that you get all the details correctly. Introduction Chapter 1: Just how quickly? Chapter 2: When is a crash diet appropriate? First of all, instead of basing protein on body weight, as many of these studies do, Lyle has required protein intakes for specific categories of lifters.

The leaner you are, the more protein you need to eat. The exact figures are provided in the book. Fiber, in the form of fibrous vegetables, is considered a free food. Certain vegetables are off limits. I used Kirkland Brand Fish Oil. I just used a generic Kirkland brand multivitamin. Unlike the original studies conducted, RFL does not require you to grind away without any relief for months on end.

The exact length depends on your category as a lifter. This is one of the most important modifications in helping lifters retain their hard earned muscle mass. This will allow you to maintain intensity in the gym thus aiding in the prevention of detraining and muscle loss.

So, as you can see, RFL accomplished the objective and accomplished it effectively. I dropped two full weight classes without losing strength.

Syntrax Matrix 5. I want to make it explicitly clear that Lyle recommends a whole foods approach to RFL. However, that is not what I did. In order to save myself a lot of time cooking chicken and vegetables, I decided to opt for a liquid diet on my run of RFL.

The preworkout carbs allow you to train much more intensely than you can with zero glycogen in your system. Again, this keeps training intensity higher which helps prevent detraining and thus muscle loss. Post Workout Nutrition Because of my diet category as a lifter, I got one free meal per week and one refeed per week.

I honestly feel like this is a key adjustment to make. It certainly worked well for me. All in all, RFL is an extremely tough diet for most people to adhere. That said, when it comes right down to it, RFL is literally the single fastest way to lose weight without significant muscle loss.

I generally strongly recommend against extreme approaches, but sometimes they are appropriate or even necessary. That said, if you find yourself in a position where you need to crash diet, perhaps to make weight, definitely consider RFL. In my opinion, it is your best chance at dropping the weight quickly without losing too much from your performance.

You can pick up a copy here. Beyond that, I highly recommend that you check out BodyRecomposition. Lyle is one of the smartest guys in the nutrition game, period. His free content is gold and I find myself referencing many of the articles time and time again.

If you decide you want to do RFL, and you need help for whatever reason, I will answer any and all questions you have to the best of my ability. If you do it wrong, RFL can really, really suck. If you liked this articled, and you want instant updates whenever we put out new content, including exclusive subscriber articles and videos, sign up to our Newsletter!

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Has any one tried the RFL Diet by Lyle Mcdonald

HardwareZone Forum Insider on Facebook. I know this board is more pro-Poliquin, who's had disagreements with McDonald in the past, but after reading Mark Sisson's recent posts on self-experimentation I'm up for giving this a try. Let's see how it goes. Required macros: Quote: Daily Macro's gr kcal Protein Quote: Here are your results for the data you entered. If any results do not look quite right, please check that you entered correct values in the boxes above and resubmit. If you need any clarification on the results, please check the book, which should clear any confusion.

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Lyle McDonald’s Rapid Fatloss Handbook: Before and After, Results, Review

Home Recent Discussions Search. October 25, AM 0. Yes I have run a 12 day Cat 1 stint and I know that a few others have as well. There is a Body Recomposition group on here which might be worth joining it. The diet works but you have to follow it to the letter else there are some serious health risks. There is not much point discussing it on here because it is beyond the comprehension of most "dieters". Feel free to PM me though.


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Results 1 to 21 of Here is a brief review of how it went for me. What is the RFL diet? Everyday, I ate: 1.

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