It is a right to property law, which protects the spouse and child ren of an interstate deceased, by devolving the existing house and some percentage of the of the remaining estate to the spouse and child ren Below is the link to the PNDC Law Please kindly go through. Is this law existent and or practiced in your country? What are the benefits? Do you think it will be a way to liberate widowed women from poverty and marginalization? I look forward to reading from you.

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Ghanaian custom views children as members of either their mother's or father's lineage extended family , but not both. Patrilineal custom charges a man's lineage with caring for his widow and children, while matrilineal custom places this burden on the widows' lineage - her father, brothers, and uncles.

Deeming custom inadequate, and to promote the nuclear family, Ghana enacted the Intestate Succession PNDC Law , and Children's Act to force men to provide for their widows and children, as in Western cultures. Our survey shows that, although most people die intestate and many profess to know Law , it is rarely implemented.

Knowledge of the law correlates with couples accumulating assets jointly and with inter-vivos husband to wife transfers, controlling for education. These effects are least evident for widows of matrilineal lineage men, suggesting a persistence of traditional norms.

Widows with closer ties with their own or their spouse's lineage report greater financial support, as do those very few who benefit from legal wills or access Law and, importantly, widows of matrilineal lineage. Some evidence also supports Act benefiting nuclear families, especially if the decedent's lineage is matrilineal. Overall, our study confirms African traditional institutions' persistent importance, and the limited effects of formal law.

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